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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Deck the Hall's

Jeremy jokes that he hated the song "Deck the Hall's" as a kid as his friends would come along and punch him on the shoulder as they 'decked' the nearest Hall.

This week started off with a whimper as everyone adjusted back to an empty house and a regular schedule.  For some reason laundry and cleaning isn't as fun when you are just doing it for yourself.  But Christmas season is here and the festivities have started.  As we cleaned we would unpack Christmas decorations and put them up.

Monday we had our annual light parade, where we stroll down our block and everyone turns their Christmas lights on for the first time and then we have hot chocolate and goodies.  Kids run around in bedlam and joyful chaotic sugar highs on scooters and roller blades.  Its a fun way to start the season and I am grateful for neighbors who do it every year.

Wednesday we got to go as a family the the Utah Valley Symphony Christmas concert.  Taylor who was having a tough day and rode down to Provo looking quite green chippered right up and was alert and listening every time the orchestra played.  The kids thought the last piece with 14 movements was 13 movements too long but they had a storyteller who told holiday stories throughout the night who they loved.  He told of his mom singing songs for every state ie "We love driving through Wisconsin and smelling its dairy air" - sing it out loud and you will understand why Spencer was doubling over.  My favorite thought of the night though was when he talked about how God had sent large prophets and huge disasters but for Christmas he sent a baby.  He told of how he got to hold his baby cousin at a Christmas gathering and how careful he had to be to support its head and hold it carefully.  He said that perhaps God sent a baby to remind us that our faith like a baby can be fragile and has to be cared for carefully.  I thought of how paranoid I was over taking care of our own babies and how I don't give as much thought and attentiveness to my faith as I did to them.  Then I also thought how strong our babies were to survive my own fumbling efforts to care them correctly.  Gave me motivation and thankfulness all at once.

Thursday we got to throw a shower for my neighbor who is getting married.  Two of my friends threw it with me and it was the easiest bridal shower ever.  We did a hot chocolate buffet of different types of hot chocolate and then a wide assortment of things to stir in, stir with and top with.  Easy, delicious and quick.  It was fun to visit.

Friday the girls' had their piano recital where they played Christmas duets.  They both did awesome despite Robyn having some severe misgivings.

Saturday the kids and I went up for our annual Festival of the Trees outing.  We oohed and awed at gingerbread houses, ate scones with honey butter, cried over a few trees and their stories, bought some fudge for Jeremy and came home.  Great tradition.

So we started off the holidays with a busy week but it was fun.  Allison had some play stuff this week plus a birthday party and I think it just did her in a bit.  She wasn't feeling great Friday but today she is down for the count with a bad cold.  My girls can look so pathetic so quickly.  Hopefully she will improve just as fast.  She is trying to finish reading The Hobbit so she can see the movie with us.

Taylor and Spencer both had doctor appointments this week.  Taylor's hips are looking good.  His left side is completely healed up.  His right side you can still see where they cut the hip bone and its being held together by the pins and plate.  But the bone is grafting together just at a snails pace.  We were worried his back was getting worse but his upper back has stayed at 27 degrees which is great news.  The reason it looks worse is that his lower spine is literally twisted which is why he cocks his pelvis and sits differently.  But it isn't something we have to fix or that will impair breathing or digestion so I was glad.  And the best news if that his hip growth plates are done growing and his femurs are almost done.  So he can still grow along the spine/torso but he is getting close to his final height.  Yay!  Spencer is still stable and good - along with being 14 pounds heavier than 3 months ago.  The doctor wants him to take his pills right before dinner which is tough.  We are trying it but Friday night he wanted to watch Bourne Legacy with Jeremy and I - he lasted 15 minutes before starting to snore.  Those pills just knock him out.   So we will see if this works for him.

Jeremy has had quite a few family photo shoots lately.  It must be the holiday season.  Saturday night we had a his/hers date which we both enjoyed.  Temple, watching "Here Comes the Boom" (it was hilarious and awesome) and then eating amazing hamburgers at Jeremy's new favorite place.  It was a great break.

Tonight it is clam chowder and the First Presidency Devotional.  I am looking forward to it.