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Sunday, September 9, 2012

A common theme - unfortunately

Robyn woke up early this morning throwing up and has been a feverish, sick little girl ever since.  This afternoon Motrin and Sunday football white noise seems to have done the trick and knocked her out.  Hopefully she will be back to her spunky little energetic self soon.

This week, finally all my kids were in school!  Grocery shopping, without kids.  Going to the temple and not falling asleep because it is early or late.  Going for a long bike ride.  Volunteering at Taylor's school for lunch time and teaching art in Allison and Robyn's classes.  Mowing the lawn and pulling some weeds.  Being able to say for an hour or so that the laundry was officially all done.  It was awesome!  Best part was that I started having any of my friends and neighbors who are home come over for desserts on the first Wednesday of every month.  I am not up to my sister-in-law Kathryn's pie for breakfast club standards but I did my best and had a great time.  Plus I have been having little slivers of chocolate cake every night to finish off the leftovers - a dangerous practice.  
This week flew by very fast because Monday was a serious play day around here following a weekend of the story telling festival.  Trying to get everything cleaned up Tuesday after a lot of playing left me feeling like I had a short amount of time and a list of chores to do.  Jeremy knowing pee incrusted toilets were a stress to me when having people over sprang to his feet Tuesday night and went to clean the bathrooms for me...without ever being asked.  Such an act can hide a multitude of sins - if he had any to hide.

But Monday was super fun as our friends, the Larsens took us out on Utah Lake.  Melissa came over to play with a recuperating Taylor while the rest of us rode wave runners, got pulled on a raft and tried knee boarding.  Loved all of it and despite it taking me a long time to get my knees under I was excited that I could knee board.  Allison is so short she just popped her legs under and was ready to go.  Spencer was an exercise in him learning patience and experiencing great frustration.  He doesn't do well with super hard physical, pressure is on, tasks.  He had difficulty shrugging it off when he couldn't get up.  But the rest of the time was pure pleasure.

Allison started her theater group this week.  She practices every Wednesday right now for an hour and a half.  They do 45 minutes each of drama, dance and singing.  She loves it and is very excited about practicing her "home-work" every day.  Speaking of homework...Robyn's is heavily parent involved.  Which means she and I sit down for an hour every afternoon to read together, do math and then do piano. By the end of that hour we have had enough bonding and go our separate ways happily for a little while. 

Robyn got bumped up a level at gymnastics this week so she will be in a harder class.  She was happy to get moved out of the "baby" class as she called it.  What threw me is that her substitute coach was my old neighbor who I had at Activity Days, Lauren.  She is now going to college!  Its a strange world at times.  She kept calling Robyn, Allison all afternoon.

Saturday Spencer and Jeremy spent the afternoon cheering on BYU at a football game.  When they got home Spencer made a beeline for the bathroom.  Jeremy laughingly explained that Spencer was in charge of going and getting a refill for their drink all afternoon to give him something to do when he needed to stretch his legs a bit.  They had 5 30oz drinks!  They had a good time.

Then Saturday evening my brother David came to crash for the night.  He had been a pacer for his friend Betsy who was running a 100 mile race.  In 2 days he ran 40 of it with her.  He was super tired and hungry.  So we went out to dinner and ate a bunch of navajo tacos and then he stumbled down to his bed to sleep for 12 hours.  It was short and sweet but it was good to see him.  The things he does with his body are beyond my ability to understand.  I just hope some of it is genetic as this next Saturday is my century bike race.

I went on two longer rides this week on Monday and Friday.  Monday I got 2 flats in one morning.  So I put in these liners in my tires to stop thorns.  I hope it works as I hate flats.  But Friday I biked up Provo Canyon and just loved all the leaves turning colors.  For some reason time lately seems to fly by before I am ready to be done with the season.  But the fall leaves make me remember how much I love this time of the year.


The Skeehan Family said...

Claire and I are loving reading about your adventures. She hopes (as do I), that Robyn is feeling much better at this point. Those lake pictures are fantastic, ps!!!