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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A century

Robyn has discovered the amazing qualities of our neighbor's flowering purple plum tree.  Its fruits make an indelible ink.  She made this picture several weeks ago to greet our guests and it is still there.  It just makes me smile.  Robyn went to school Monday a little grumpy but feeling good.  After doing a long, beautiful bike ride up the canyon I was feeling guilty and selfish for sending her to school.  So I went and pulled her out for the last two hours to come home and take a nap.  She spent it making animal creations on her bed, happily listening to her CD - obviously feeling fine.

Allison has been working this week on her birthday party invitations.  She still has two weeks to go but is a big believer in planning ahead.
I made another batch of salsa this week.  This time I tried a new recipe that Jeremy likes a bit better.  I have a hard time eating too much of it as it is very spicy.  I made the mistake of touching my face after cutting up 16 jalapenos.  My face tingled for a good day!  But I think we are stocked up for the year.  Now I just need to decide what to do with all the rest of these tomatoes.  I always plant more plants than I need, but in the spring they look so puny I just keep adding more.

Thursday was the kids' school festival.  They stocked up on hot dogs, snow cones, cotton candy, games and a goldfish that is currently swimming in a vase in Robyn's room.  Taylor could not understand why I limited him to 2 big scones for dinner.  He is currently eating as much as we can possibly give him.  (And he is pooping!  I know, tmi but we all had a poop celebration around here.)

Spencer got his bike back this week from a tune-up after his last big crash.  He went with the YM on a bike ride only to pick up a bunch of thorns and two flats.  So we patched his tubes.  Then the next day with the patched tubes flat, we put in thorn liners and new tubes.  I was feeling so self-sufficient that I actually knew how to do these things.  Until I couldn't get the tires back on and Jeremy comes out after my trying for 20 minutes and in 10 seconds flat just pops everything back together. 

Thursday night my tummy started having problems and Friday I spent the day feeling pretty miserable and taking every stomach aid I could think of.  Because Saturday was my century ride and stomach problems and a bike do not mix at all.  But by Friday night I could keep down spaghetti and could leave the bathroom for long periods of time - so I felt more confident.  The century was truly tough but really well run and beautiful.  The first 4 miles have a 7 % grade and since my friend Christi had assured me that the course was flat, I felt just a little bit mislead.  Hit a wall at mile 25 for 5 miles (really early to hit, I know) where between winds, uphill, muscles complaining I just couldn't believe I was going to be able to finish.  But a caffeinated cliff bar and I started doing much better.  Christi was super patient and would coast or stop and wait for me to catch up periodically when during the last 50 I had a hard time staying up with her.  Ride time was 7 hrs 20 min and total time was 8 hrs 20 min.  They had 5 stops with water and food along the way.  Ice water has never tasted so good as there was no shade on the course and although it was 87 degrees it felt much hotter.  Definitely pushed my body past what I thought it could do.  Felt pretty good afterwards just creaky and tired.

While I was off for the day, Jeremy took the kids to a puppet festival in Orem, followed by lunch out and they went and cleaned the office.  Super dad all around.  Kids loved the puppets, ventriloquists, and all the craft booths.

Saturday night it was off to Stake Conference and then a run up to Cheesecake factory for some post-race cheesecake.  Its nice to be married to someone who knows me so well.


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