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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Smokey & Hot

This week was full of camps, high temperatures and a sky full of smoke from all the nearby fires.

 Monday we spent the day at our waterpark again, 7 peaks with several neighbors.  Kids ran rampant and had a good time, or at least all but Robyn did.  I had brought Robyn's friend Luke and the two little kids plus Taylor and I were going to hang out in the little kid section.  I was not going to attempt the wave pool with the three of them.  Robyn was furious with outrage.  She had her neon pink goggles on, arms folded and was standing by the kiddie pool off to the side ranting to the world about the unfairness of it all for 30!! solid minutes.  Then she came to sit next to me to rant some more.  There was a lady sitting next to us on the side of the pool who started to talk to her.  "How old are you?"  Robyn in a tight little snotty voice, "6...and I am not a baby".  The lady kept asking her about why she wasn't happy and then she asked if she and her big kids could take Robyn to the wave pool for a few minutes for me.  So they did.  Robyn walked off looking back at me with a nose up in the air, arms folded look of disdain and came back ten minutes later happy and full of sunshine for the rest of the day.  I thought that lady was amazing.  If I had been her I would have either laughed or thought to myself what a brat.  I hope I react as well to the kids around me.

This week I had the changeover to my new calling where I tried to figure out what the heck I do with all this scouting stuff and realize what a messy secretary I was as I turn over everything to the new secretary.  Change is good.  Relief Society to Primary is a whole different world.  I have been biking occasionally with the Primary president so it has been good to get to know her better.  She patiently waits for me to catch up...often.

Spencer set off for deacons scout camp Wednesday.  They went down to Escalante and had a few days of hiking and playing in the dessert.  He left home like this:

And he came home tannish red (his sunblock had not been opened once) with red sand clinging to everything.  He had a great time.  Here are some photos from his leader:
With Spencer gone and Taylor having a few days of summer school the girls and I had some girl time.  They had swimming lessons all week and we would stay at the pool to play afterwards.  We picked a bunch of raspberries and made raspberry jam.  We went to Trafalga to play miniature golf with Jeremy one night and just had a fun girl time.
Friday, Allison got to go to the cub scout camp with her Activity Days.  She spent the day shooting BB guns, canoeing, archery, crafts and came home dirty, tired and happy.  I am so glad they do this camp with the little girls as they eat it up.
This is Allison after camp. Notice the "white" shorts and shoes!
Robyn and Allison came down one morning to this:
I was told thanks mom they look great, but we aren't going to eat them.  They have blueberries inside.  This is what they wanted instead:
And this is what they looked like until I said it was OK:
Spoiled little girls I tell you.
We have a bird feeder on out back porch that is a great source of entertainment.  A deck railing covered in bird poop is a small price to pay.
The yard is slowly growing beyond my ability to keep up with.  At least the wasp nests are staying under control:
Life is full of summer, late nights, hot days, pools and friends so it is good.

Love, Heather

P.S. Jeremy did some catch up photos:
Brynn not happy that I made green beans for dinner