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Monday, July 23, 2012

Shakespeare and the dentist

Taylor got his glasses this week.  I think he is sitting up more and looking around at things.  But I can't tell if that is true or just my wishful thinking.  It doesn't seem to bother him though.

Monday after getting all our yard jobs done we headed off to the pool with the girls each bringing a friend.  We were only able to swim for half an hour before lightening struck and they closed the pool down.  So after waiting for awhile to see if the storm would clear we went to get snow cones.  Then with girls begging we called to find out the pool had re-opened despite the drizzle.  So we headed back and the girls had the pool to themselves for an hour and a half.  Taylor and I huddled under an umbrella and thought they were a bit nuts.  But they thought it was the coolest thing to have the whole place including the slides to themselves - they could care less about the rain.

While Taylor was at summer school this week the three kids and I hiked up to Timpanogous Caves.  It is a steep trek up there but the kids' whining has definitely improved.  Allison was pointing out that its far from perfect but it is much better.  And the caves are awesome as well as being 40 degrees which after hiking up a mountain in 90 degrees feels wonderful.  Robyn learned that hiking 1 1/2 miles straight downhill in sandals is not the best idea.  Sometimes I wonder if letting natural consequences take affect when kids ignore my advice makes me a good mom or a lazy one.

My mouth has still been achy from my root canal last week.  Then it started hurting more every time I ate or drank anything.  So it was off to the dentist again for a SECOND root canal in the tooth next to the first one.  They might as well measure me for my dentures now.  This time the root canal was much more painful and I am still on ibuprofen.  Jeremy took all the kids out for ice cream and let me just cuddle up with my pain pills, hot chocolate and the latest episode of The Closer.  I am looking forward to a few months of no more dentist appointments.  It was only 4 weeks ago that I had to get a new crown made when my old crown broke in CA.  Did I mention that we have maxed out our medical spending plan?

Friday we dropped the kids off with Jason & Kelly's family and Jeremy and I took off for the weekend.  We went down to Cedar City for the Shakespeare festival.  It is on the SUU campus down there and they have 2 indoor theaters, an outdoor re-creation of the Globe theater and a theater on the green.  We watched Les Miserables, The Merry Wives of Windser and Mary Stuart.  We went to the play orientations, the free greenshow every night and explored the nearby sandwich shops and bookstore.  The plays were amazingly well done.  It was definitely a "heather" weekend but I think Jeremy enjoyed the experience of it all.  Plus he got to drive us down and back and along the canyon roads in his new car.  Then we spent Sunday driving through the red rock country next door and hiking around on a few trails.  Then we came home to happy, tired kids who enjoyed their cousin weekend.  Two nights of making up sleep and then the cousins come here.  Its nice to have some family close by.
 One of the rest stops had a petting zoo.  We are definitely going back there when traveling with kids!


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