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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A routine week - hallelujah!

Dear Family and Friends,

Although it was a full week, it was also a pretty normal routine week around here.  As you can see, Spencer finally got his hair cut.  I have learned I just have to tell him he has a week to commit.  He usually puts it off till the end of the week but he feels better about having some control over when its done.  It was way too long as the buzzers kept bogging down.  To get Spencer in the right mood as Jeremy was taking pictures, he played "I'm too sexy" with Robyn singing right along.  She is going to grow up a little warped with being the youngest kid.

Taylor was sick for Monday but after that has been pretty good.  And knock on wood everyone else has stayed healthy.  They have a new walker at school for him which allows him more freedom to walk around and he has been loving it.  We are rebuilding his weight so he is enjoying his chocolate whole milk as we the sugar deprived watch in envy.

Spencer has been working on his science project this week.  He told us in the name of science that we had to participate even though it involved eating jelly beans to see if we could name the flavor with our nose plugged and eyes blindfolded and then with our nose unplugged.  Being able to smell as you chew makes a huge difference.
Allison and I went to her first mother/daughter book group at the library.  We read "Everything on a waffle" this last month and they discussed the author, the book, made a collage and then had waffles.  I found out Robyn could come with us but Allison doesn't want to share her mom time so we didn't tell Robyn.  They do a new book every month so Allison is already starting "Princess Academy" for this month.  She started play practice this week and has been singing The king and I soundtrack.  She and her friend did their science project yesterday which involved soda pop bottles, mentos and gum to see if gum would slow down the reaction.
Robyn turns 5 this week.  Hard to believe my baby is this old.  I put her on the list for kindergarten this week!  She tells everyone about this huge birthday party with friends that she is having despite us telling her for months that we are doing a family party.  Every time the subject comes up it ends in her crying.  I feel like a mean mom but I am sure it will all work out.
Jeremy has had a couple of photo events this week as he gets his studio co-op up and going.  His life is busy but he is enjoying the challenge of it.   Last night we got to enjoy a double date with friends and to celebrate Jeremy being back at his lowest weight and my really wanting sugar, we went out for Chinese food.  I forgot how good Chinese food can be!  After an evening of visiting and catching up we went and saw True Grit.  Really enjoyed it.  It was as good as the original I thought, which is saying something.

I have spent my free moments this week working on painting our bench/shelf unit.  It is all put together now and done.  We just need to run some wires, put in a speaker screen and make the cushions.  Hopefully next week I can post a finished picture.  I was spoiled this week as I got to go out to dinner with some friends.  None of us cared what or where we were eating, it was just two hours of grown-up talk.  In the winter time especially it is so nice to have some grown-up time.  We have had an inversion all week so cloudy, smoggy air keeps everyone huddled up inside especially.  We need a big storm to blow through.

Love to you all and hope you enjoying blue skies somewhere, as we don't have them here.



The Skeehan Family said...

tell jeremy ALL your pictures don't have to look like they belong in a magazine :)

so fun talking to you guys the past couple of days. it is utter therapy, and I mean that, even if i do sound frazzled every time we talk.

happy birthday again Robyn!!!!

oh, and ps, i absolutely LOVE Allison's sign. that's awesome. I think I did one just like that :)