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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy new year's

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy New Year to everyone!  We took down our Christmas decorations yesterday and our house is feeling quite clean and empty.  A problem I am sure our kids will work to rectify soon.  It is hard to believe that Christmas break with kid time and activities, yummy food and parties, and not turning on an alarm clock is over.  It went way too fast.

On Monday I remembered why I will never diet when kids are out of school.  Chocolate is required (preferably cheesecake while enjoying solitude late at night - thanks daniel and mimi!)  The kids and I got up early and headed off to the dentist.  Only one cavity and that was on Spencer's loose baby tooth so we all breathed easier.  It still strikes me as so funny to see Robyn laying back with big sunglasses on getting her teeth cleaned.  Taylor had his last baby tooth pulled out about which he wasn't too excited.  But we stopped at Krispy Kremes for all the kids to get their doughnut and that cheered him up.  I don't know how I started the bribing process of being good for a dentist appointment means you get to stop for a doughnut but our kids sure remember it every time.  Then we ran a few errands which our kids think is just a big adventure.  I probably would enjoy the process more if our kids weren't trying to talk and show me things all at once.  My mind shuts off and I forget what I am trying to do.

Tuesday was a cousin day which our kids love.  Allison went and chopped her hair off into a cute bob which she loves.  Allison had her fill of friends, party invites etc this week.  I am becoming that mean mom who has to limit her social agenda otherwise she just gets worn out.  She and her friend watched The King and I this week so Allison is all set to dye her hair black and be a little princess.

Jeremy and I went out a school night to see a play, The Foreigner.  Never heard of it before but it was really interesting.  We got season tickets again for our community theater which we enjoyed last year.  Makes for a fun and different date night.  Right before we left we found that the window well by our food storage room was full of water and had covered the room.  So we spent a while pumping out water, soping up the floor and shelves and dragging out wet food.  It is all dried out now but now I need to go through and toss and re-organize now that I know which shelves can get wet if it happens again.  This week we were hit by winter.  So we had really cold weather and then 24 hours of rain which turned into ice and snow.  Driving became quite slippery for awhile.

Thursday morning I woke up bright and early to take Taylor up to Primary's for an MRI.  My usual 40 minute commute took an hour and a half as it was just snow, wind and ice.  I am glad that everyone decided the speed limit was 30 on the freeway.  On the plus side I had used up all my stress on driving so there was none left for the procedure.  Taylor had the usual hiccups of having 3 blown IVs (he had to be without food or water so his veins were tiny and he is already a hard stick), having to raise his heart rate up twice with atavan and packing him with hot packs to get his temperature up.  But all went well and it was over quickly.  We find the results out in a week or two.  Since he did well with raising his one medication we are now lowering another medication trying to balance having him be alert and awake with having better control over his seizures.

For the past month our friend Jake has been building this bench/shelf unit in our family room.  On Friday he finished up, so now its my turn to paint it.  I thought I wouldn't start that project till kids weren't home.  Friday afternoon, Taylor helped Jeremy set up his photo studio while the kids and I, with a friend in tow went ice skating.  Robyn was coughing periodically and required a candy cane for medicinal purposes but everyone had a good time.  Allison and her friend would have gone forever but the rink closed for New Year's Eve.  So it was home for fondue, eating the last of any Christmas treats, and a night of movies.  I proposed doing some games but was voted down by all the kids.  Robyn's cough got worse and she went to bed early.  She was coughing so badly that she ended up throwing up all over her bed and has been pretty sick ever since.  Today though she is a little chipper and not quite so pathetic.  You know she doesn't feel good when she says she wants to take a nap and then goes and takes one!  I didn't make it till midnight but the kids persevered with Jeremy and rang in the New Year banging their pots and pans outside and shrieking Happy New Year to the neighborhood.

We have started our sugar free month and I have yet to snap.  Robyn is doing it under protest but everyone else seems to be OK with it.  See how long the good attitude lasts as we are all, except for Jeremy, major chocolate addicts.  Dad, hope you have a great birthday.

Love, Heather


Jayce^ said...

The foreigner is a great one, we did it in high school. I played Froggy (the demolitions guy that brings charlie over). Was probably my favorite to do.

The Skeehan Family said...

these are BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! I love how peacefully happy everyone looks... so nice