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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year

Dear Family and Friends,

School started this Wednesday. Kids were excited and so was I so we were all doing our own happy dance. Monday Spencer and Allison had their school assessments where they meet with their teacher for awhile and then do these computerized tests to place them in reading and math levels. I thought we would be in and out in an hour or so. Two and a half hours later I was starting to wonder what was up! Spencer came out in tears because he hadn't realized till the end that he could ask for scratch paper so he was doing all the math problems in his head. Somehow he ended up doing great anyway so everyone ended up in the math class they wanted. Robyn got to go have some swim time at her cousin Brynn's birthday party. Then we met up with neighbors that night to make homemade root beer and roast s'mores to celebrate our last non-school night for awhile. The sun has decided that fall is here. All of a sudden it is dark in the morning when I get up and dark when kids go to bed. It seems like just last week it was still light at 9 p.m.!

Tuesday we tackled the dreaded shoe shopping. You factor in kids wants and needs plus school restrictions and it gets a bit tough! I sometimes long for the days when I could just pick up a pair of shoes at Target BY MYSELF and then hand them to my child as a fait acompli. No stress or worrying about style, fit, price etc. Then to test our stamina we did our monthly shopping trip to Costco. My kids love that store and I just try to embrace the chaos that is involved. Then duty done we packed a dinner and spent the rest of the day at the pool for one last time. Between all the excitement and exercise kids were out cold early that night to get ready for school the next day.

First day of school emotions are always high. Got up early to make french toast for everyone and to pack their lunches (only happens on the first day). Kids had Jeremy give them a Father's blessing which seemed to calm them down. And off they went with big bags of supplies in hand. Jeremy took pictures and I will have them posted when he gets back. Robyn had a bunch of friends over the first day of school but by Thursday it hit her that the neighborhood supply of children was sorely diminished. We have had many tears since as she realized that everyone was in school but her. Her preschool starts next week and she and I can't wait. Spencer and Allison have been loving being back in school and have even been excited about the homework. Spencer's teacher uses music to announce the different periods ie "hey, hey, good-bye" is played at the end of school or "we will rock you" for P.E. Allison's teacher is all about reading and crafts so she is in heaven. We made chocolate chip cookies to celebrate the first day of school. But after eating her cookie Allison turned to me and said she didn't feel so good. She had a 102 degree temperature so she was off to bed where she slept and moaned till morning. But in the morning with red eyes she was up and wanting to go to school. She took a cold shower as she was at 99 degrees just to make sure she was cool enough - she got down to 96 degrees! So she was off to school!

Thursday night Robyn had her back to school night and toured her little preschool. She has been counting down the days till she starts with Miss Nicole.

Jeremy has had a photography week. Tuesday he had a photography class here in our basement. Wednesday and Thursday he fit in two photo shoots as he tried to get his project ready for his retreat. Then he left Friday afternoon for a photography retreat with his friends up in the mountains. He is away from all communication which has felt a bit odd. Usually I can at least email or text him. He gets back tonight. Hopefully he has had a relaxing and inspiring time.

Friday night Spencer had a scout camp-out. In the neighbor's backyard. In the rain. Despite these challenges he had a great time. In fact it was so great that Saturday I found him snoring on the living room floor where he had been reading. Those camp-outs just leave him tired. Allison and Robyn each had a friend over for pizza and movie night and we would occasionally look over at the scouts next door in the storm and giggle.

Saturday night Allison and I had our mother-daughter date that she has been planning. We went to see Ramona and Beezus at the dollar theater, eat a deli tray of shrimp from Costco at the playground, go shoe shopping and get frozen yogurt. That is just exactly what she wanted and we had a great time. It seems strange sometimes to realize how old she is getting and how we are having real conversations now.

With Jeremy gone I have been staying up late eating chocolate and watching chick flicks. But I did finish up Robyn's robins and hang them up. It has only taken me 10 months to finish up that little project!

Taylor's seizures have been doing better. We are seeing the neurology team this week to discuss any changes so we will see how it goes.

Love to you all, Heather

Spencer and his friend Brenner playing Clue in the back yard.


The Skeehan Family said...

You finished the birds!!!!!!!!! They look WONDERFUL! Robyn must be in HEAVEN. You are a good good mom :)

Glad first week of school has gone so well. Tell Robyn she's welcome over here any time she gets friendless!

And, I love the pic of Spencer and his friend - don't tell him but it looks like they are having a little tea party or something. Very cute.