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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Dear Family and Friends,

I am literally counting down the days now till I get to see my family. Kids have been picking out snacks for the road trip, Robyn keeps bringing in stacks of clothes for me to pack for her and I keep going online to look at beach pictures and check the calendar yet again.

No big events this week, just long summer days. Girls finished up swimming lessons for the summer this week and we spent a day swimming with friends in tow. You would think our kids would be swam out but despite straw like blond hair and dark tan lines, with temperatures getting to 100 degrees, the cold water hasn't lost its appeal. Spencer is off guitar lessons for the month of August. So he has been busy downloading and practicing any cool song he can think of - Lincoln Park has a lot to answer for! Taylor has been home all week, with his seizures getting worse for no reason that we can figure out.

Saturday was a good day. Jeremy helped the girls and their friends build a big cardboard house complete with a ceiling fan, bookcases and lots of "accessories". Jeremy then despite the sounds of thunder and dark clouds overhead loaded up the bikes for me and him and we spent the evening biking Provo Canyon. One of my favorite date activities. We followed this by trying out one of Jeremy's top burger places which hopefully was offset a bit by the biking!

Days just continue to speed by. We bought school uniforms which was almost painful. It doesn't seem like school should be starting in just a few weeks! Life is good, life is busy and we are enjoying the calmness of our days right now. There have been a lot of happy moments lately that make the cranky, whiny, tired moments seem less important. Allison had a sleepover at a friends out on the trampoline. Jeremy got 2 new games for us to take to CA and we have been busy testing them out at night. Meredith took our kids to 2 different wedding receptions this week and they had their fill of cake. I read a really good book and got to go for an early morning walk with two of my friends and catch up on their lives. And to top it off our house smells like the new chocolate cake I am baking right now for our dinner with Jason's family tonight. Just a lot of blessings in our lives right now.

Love to all, Heather