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Sunday, July 18, 2010

a summer week

Dear Friends and Family,

It seems only a short while ago I was complaining that summer would never arrive. This week it was near 100 degrees every day without cooling down to much at night. Really, really love air conditioning. I think Jeremy was convinced that I never wore make-up or bothered to take my hair out of a ponytail for the week as it would just get all sweaty anyway! Swimming lessons continued this week and we stayed afterward a couple of times with a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon. Everyone passed their levels although Spencer needs to work on flip-turns still. One day we stayed at the pool while Taylor was at summer school. I had no excuse to just lay in the shallow water and watch the chaos. After spending the afternoon tossing dive sticks, being pummeled as kids showed off jumps, water acrobatics etc and being the "horsie" for Robyn I was beat. I now LOVE to take Taylor with us to the pool. Then he is my reason to just sit and relax!

Had our miscellaneous medical visits this week. Spencer got a new retainer made and installed and is back to the occasional lisp and drool. Taylor had 7 warts burned off of his elbow while I pinned his arm and Robyn held his hand. Taylor and Spencer are now both sporting duct tape band-aids in an attempt to kill off the roots of their warts. It really does work!

Friday night Meredith spent a night pampering Taylor. The rest of us packed bags of dinner and treats and went to see Willie Wonka at our outdoor amptitheater. It was awesome. Robyn was just entranced. Everyone got their favorite snow cones while I got a Wonka scrumdiddliumptious bar all to myself and we all had a great night.

For our date Friday I was reminded why Jeremy doesn't always consider our dates "romantic". He helped me prepare and serve dinner to a singles cluster event put on by our stake. Then he was off for a family photo shoot. But we met up for Kneaders dessert and to watch a tv show together. Honestly I thought it was a great date although to describe it as romantic might be a bit of a stretch.

Robyn has been running around singing Taylor Swift songs loudly and off-key with hip shaking dancing if anyone will watch her. Spencer and Allison after re-reading the Harry Potter series have been watching the Harry Potter movies whenever they can convince Robyn to go somewhere else. I finished The Kite Runner which I really - can't say enjoyed - but am glad to have read and was very impressed by. Discovered a wall covered in the kid's bathroom that I have neglected for awhile - it was covered in snot wipes from little fingers. That stuff is like cement! Jeremy has been pulling late nights catching up on photo work and was glad to have a new EQ counselor put in today. And Taylor has been back in summer school for three days this week and is ready to hit the sack by the end of the day.

So a regular, hot, tiring, fun, summer week. Plus The Closer started this week and now I see my family in 3 weeks. So life is good!

love to you all, Heather