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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun and Sun

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has definitely seen a lot of fun and sun. The above picture is from Payson Lakes where we camped this past weekend with Jason and his family and our neighbors the Skaggs. Its around an hour south of our house up Payson canyon. Kids swam, floated and played in the kayaks all day Saturday and enjoyed running wild with cousins. First night reminded us we need to camp more often as kids had a hard time settling down. But second night was bliss as everyone was too tired to do more than lay down and start snoring. Saturday night we broke out our 8 year old dutch oven for the FIRST time to make fudge chocolate cake. It turned out really good despite my messing up the recipe so we will have to try it again. Had some small hiccups like our hot water heater breaking and leaking everywhere but who really needs a hot shower when it is 100 degrees? This was our first family camping trip this year. With scouts and father/son, Jeremy and Spencer have done 4 camp-outs all ready which have eaten up some of our weekends. So in preparation we spent the week cleaning out the trailer and getting everything organized. Every year we get a little better and more efficient at this camping thing.

Allison got up early Sunday to take Rocky for a walk with Jeremy and his camera. She loves her one on one time. She and I floated on an inner tube in the middle of the lake for over an hour as she told me how hard it is to be the middle but that she handles it pretty well she thinks. I had to agree except for the occasional snitty fit.

We took a break from organizing camping stuff Tuesday for Jeremy's work party. This year instead of going to Lagoon they went to Deer Creek Reservoir up Provo Canyon. One of the guys brought his boat and they rented 4 wave runners, got a bunch of snacks and a Mexican catered dinner. Our kids said it was better than Lagoon, which for them is a high compliment. Taylor was the most relaxed riding around on the boat than I have seen him outside of a hot tub! Allison and Robyn were little dare devils who kept saying thumbs up, they wanted to go faster on the inner tube. Jeremy was the patient dad who was the back seat driver as Spencer and Allison showed him how to drive the wave runners around the reservoir. It was a great day and kids were toast by the time we got home. Spencer got up for piano the next morning at 7 and then came home and went back to bed till almost lunch. We had one small hiccup again involving Robyn trying to hold a poop explosion for too long but I am trying to suppress that memory and just hope the bathroom is heavily bleached before another party comes along. Luckily that was at the end of the day.

Allison and Spencer have become quite attached to their goggles. I think they finally realized how much nicer it is to be able to see when they do water activities.

All the other odds and ends of the week don't sound quite as exciting. Girls continue swimming lessons for one more week. Robyn's hair is almost white and despite lots of conditioner is starting to resemble straw. Allison is figuring out flip turns. We painted Robyn's desk chair. The desk and chair come from my Grandpa's basement. It definitely turned out with a homemade feel but Robyn loves it. I am trying to figure out if I should paint the desk too. Thoughts? Robyn is excited to have Allison play school with her in her bedroom now.

Love to you all, Heather