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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hot chocolate weather has arrived!

Dear Friends and Family,

I hab a cobe. Not bad enough to lay me out but enough to keep the tissues going and to be glad for the weekend to curl up on a couch and watch conference. I was reading some cleaning hints that said if the mom was super clean than the kids would be clean by association. Made me think about conference and how when I try to can apples or sew some project while listening my kids go a bit wild. So I tried this time sitting down with pen and paper to take notes. Good thing conference reminds you to be nice to your children so often as it was more an exercise in frustration so far. have done tons better than years before. It might help that if they write down what each apostle says they get a coupon for a no jobs day to use when they want. Highly motivating. Robyn on the other hand keeps stomping around that she is done watching TV and that I need to turn it off. She was excited for around 30 minutes Saturday morning scribbling all over her conference packet but then the thrill was gone.

Saturday night we had our semi-annual priesthood party. 2 of my friends and their kids were able to make it. So we all pigged out on home made cafe rio salads and fresh apple cake and kids played and splashed around in the hot tub a lot. It was wonderful just to visit and catch up. I realized that we have now been friends for 11 years. A lot has happened in that time and babies we helped with are now old!

Monday and Tuesday were the last days of indian summer. Wednesday the temperatures dropped 30 degrees, vegies froze over night and we broke out the warm clothes and hot chocolate! It was an abrupt change for us. I had to hide all of Robyn's summer clothes as to remove temptation. Monday Allison had a great birthday. She brought brownies into her class for snack time, had gymnastics and then had a family dinner along with Jason and Kelly's family. Allison had macaroni and cheese, watermelon and a homemade ice cream cake. The cake looked great but I had a moment of humility after tasting it. Coldstone must use a special type of cake or perhaps I needed to let it defrost longer. Will have to experiment a bit. Allison went to bed a very happy and tired 8 year old girl. This afternoon her new activity day leaders came to introduce themselves and give her a calendar. Her first activity is this week about which she is very excited.

Tuesday I ignored the jungle as Robyn referred to our yard, the laundry room I literally could not close the door on and the piles of clutter everywhere or the bathroom where Allison blew a bloody nose that misted over the entire room and went to the temple. Seems like temple mornings are always tough but then things always seem to fall into place afterwards. I managed to mow our entire yard in 1 hour that afternoon before the storm hit - a small miracle to me as it usually takes me much longer.

The kids helped me pick our last apple tree of Braeburns. They thought getting up on the ladder was just the best thing and jockeyed for the opportunity. Since the temperatures were cold and the dark was coming I think I ran the operation a little militaristic but they all had smiles on their face. Ran inside afterwards for quick showers to warm up and to eat apples and caramel dip. Canned apple pie filling that turned out really good. You can see the recipe at:
Cleaned out most of the garden and made salsa too. Hard to believe that summer is over.

Had my annual dental appointment this week and for the FIRST time in 5 years I had nothing wrong. It just made the rest of my week! My friend Brenda who watched Robyn for me asked what root canal or crown I was going in for this time. My mouth has just been going down hill the last couple of years.

Jeremy had a busy week with church meetings and then our family shoot and then he shot a corporate event up in SLC. This week is full of photo stuff for him as well. Tis the season for fall shoots for christmas cards. And then Friday with a friend he met at a previous photo gig he went to the BYU football game. So there hasn't been much alone time for the two of us. So last night after we kicked kids into their beds and cleaned up the chaos we stayed up late watching The Proposal. Kids even allowed us to sleep in to make up for the late night which I greatly appreciated.

Went to parent teacher conferences this week for Spencer and Allison. Allison is doing great although a little too absorbed in her books that she doesn't hear the end of quiet time. She got her schedule for her choir and is excited for her assembly, concert and then performance up at Temple Square in December. Spencer is doing awesome on all his school work. And he has had no behavior problems this year. We are all a little concerned how he chooses to sit and read during recess instead of trying to play with other kids. He isn't that great at sports which is what most of the boys do. Of course it is a self-perpetuating problem as you don't get better by not doing. So we and his teacher are trying to encourage him to put the book down and interact. See how he does. I wonder if I pushed too hard as after talking to him about it the next few days he tried harder to do stuff with other kids but also lost it a lot more with me. Worst he has been for awhile. But right now he and Allison are giggling in his room over some game so life can't be too bad.

Robyn had a field trip this week to the fire station. She loves, loves, loves preschool. She gets so excited when it is her day to be line leader or bring the snack or show and tell etc. She tell us in detail each thing that happened that day to her. Right now she is trying to imitate Allison's afternoon project that involved glue and popsicle sticks. Not sure what she is actually making but it is requiring all her attention.

Taylor spent the day pooped out, refusing to eat or drink and just laid by the fire with some blankets. Rocky joined him seeking protection from the thunder storms - what a wuss. Taylor decided to perk up and drink some chocolate milk though so he must be feeling better.

Kids are out of school tomorrow so we are going shoe shopping and Allison is having her birthday lunch with Jeremy. I am looking forward to not getting up before 6! Love to you all, Heather

Robyn and Luke playing house.

Spencer's fort

The cute cousins Garion and Kayla