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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Loving the canyon

Dear Family and Friends,

I was once told I didn't post enough pictures of the adults in our family. So here you go! After spending the day with Jeremy working on the yard getting it ready for his big photo party this week, we went up to Sundance for the evening. We enjoyed a picnic next to the stream in the shade and 20 degree cooler temperatures. If felt so nice. Then we took a tractor pulled wagon up the mountain to watch a musical The Fantasticks in Sundance's outdoor theater. It was a really cool location and the play was excellent. They overacted in a hilarious way that kept us just laughing. I forgot how good the canyon feels compared to the dry 100 degree temps at our house.

And tomorrow I get to go to California! I am very excited. Its the first time I have traveled somewhere without either Jeremy or kids. Feels a little strange to plan for. Meredith is going to be helping out TONS with kids while I am gone so it should all be good.

Daniel, Happy Birthday! Mailed you a little birthday present trying to rely on my memory. Somewhere there is a confused postal worker trying to figure out why a Michigan street address was sent to Phoenix! When they return it eventually I will pass it on but we were thinking of you!

Nothing big this week but again lots of odds and ends. Spencer and I spent an afternoon up at the drug study and decided to take him out. We are hoping the constant need for movement and the grouchiness/irritability from being so tired should go away. On the way back Spencer had enough to stop and get his Nintendo DS. So he has been busy showing that to everyone he meets and waiting for his supercard to arrive. The lamictal should be out of his system in a week so we will see how he does then.

Had pack meeting this week and Spencer was thrilled to receive a ton of merit badge pins. He has been working on them all summer so it was quite a haul.

Took the kids to walmart to buy their list of school supplies. They always get giddy when surrounded by choices of notebooks, pencils and glue sticks. Mega bucks and wired kids later we came home and they wrote their names on everything and carefully packed it up. It is hard to believe school really is coming up soon.

Got a notice from Lauri's HOA that her yard didn't pass inspection and that we would be fined if it wasn't cleaned up. So I spent Wednesday, weeding and hacking away and then making trips to DI. Got a notice the next day that although it was greatly improved it still wasn't good enough and we were given one more week to get it into shape. No one is there to water the ground so I am not sure how the weeds are taking over but they sure are!

Mom for FHE activity we killed squash bugs in our garden. The tiny ones I have no problem squishing with my fingers as long as I have gloves on. The ones that are 2 inches long give me a little pause! The kids thought it was great entertainment especially when the guts really squirted out. Our efforts only seemed to encourage their population surge though so yesterday I doused them with 7 an organic insecticide. We can't loose our zucchini! It would almost seem sacrilegious to not have a huge zucchini in our garden.

Refinanced our house this week and signed all the closing papers. Our kids thought this was extremely boring as they all came with. They sure enjoyed the free cookies in the lobby though. Just glad that my phone plays little movies and I brought headphones for Robyn!

Went swimming this week with Meredith, kids and even Jeremy took some of the afternoon off to join us. With that many adults it sure felt relaxing to hang out at the pool. I can handle playing with Robyn, it is the constant "look at me's" etc that wear me down after a while.

Went 11 miles this Friday and didn't get sick! Tried a different goo type supplement that was made from fruit. Seemed to agree with me better. David, I am doing the Hobble Creek 1/2 marathon on Aug. 22. I did a half 2 years ago but this time I am hoping to do a lot better. My goal is not to stop to walk at all this time, think I shouldn't have any problems with that. I am still a sweaty, jiggly wana be athlete mom but it gives me a great goal to work towards.

Something about Fast Sunday makes our kids decide to argue more. Or maybe I just notice it more on Fast Sundays! Right now I am listening to Robyn complain that Spencer is sitting in her special spot on the couch. Maybe they sense my resistance is low on these days!

Love to you all and seem some of you tomorrow! Heather


mrs. timberlake said...

Hi Heather.
I haven't been on your blog in such a long time. I love Robyn's hair! I also think your haircut is adorable. I don't however love your bug squashing party. That's crazy.
Hope you are having a good week (wink wink)