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Sunday, August 23, 2009

I finished!

Dear Family and Friends,

I finished my race! Biggest news for me this week is that I made it without walking or stopping for 13.1 mile averaging 9 1/2 minute miles. Not fast for many people but painfully fast for me! My running partner was hopped up on caffeine chomp blocks and I felt bad that I had to keep asking her to slow down. Getting up at 4 am to get ready and drive down there for the 5:15 bus was tough - multiple alarms were called into play. Jeremy brought kids down to cheer me at the finish line which was very cool. To celebrate that afternoon I had a great massage that kept me from stiffening up till night time. This morning I am still pretty stiff and sore but I am doing much better this year than I did two years ago. I am almost more proud that I was able to get up early with my friend all summer to run than that I was able to do the race. I am ready to just walk for a week or two now.

This week seemed to be full of stuff as we try to get our house and lives organized post summer vacation time. Sunday evening since despite our very best attempts to get kids to take naps (so we could join them!) no one had napped we decided to do a walk and turn in early. Robyn riding Spencer's scooter fell and sliced open her hand. I didn't think it was too bad till when I was cleaning the blood off I noticed the fatty tissue popping out. So she and I were off to instacare for the night. She was extremely brave and was mostly upset that she couldn't put her barbie band-aid on right away. So she held her band-aid in hand the whole time while they numbed, cut off all the tissue and glued it all back together. They wrapped her hand all up and stuck her barbie band-aid on top for her. She has been a little miffed that she can't take a bath this week but I sure have been enjoying how quick and easy showers are.

Monday was an early day as we went in to get the office cleaned and then spent the morning at the school where Spencer and Allison met their teachers and had their assessments done. Allison is a little stoked because they asked if she could join the 3rd graders for reading time. They both have really good teachers this year and are very excited. For the last time this summer we all went to the grocery store and I kept muttering my mantra of "last time, last time" throughout the kid helping experience. Laundry and all the other post vacation stuff and then Jason, Kelly and kids came over for the evening. With everyone's trips it has been awhile so everyone ate, visited and played in the hot tub.

Monday also we started turning the weed corner into a small waterfall, pond and sitting area with the help of some very nice Hispanic guys that Jeremy knew. We had met with them before we left for California and as soon as we came back they were all ready to go. They finished up Thursday evening. We still need to landscape, paint some chairs to put there, spread mulch etc but it is so nice to have the weed corner gone! And it amazes me who has been poking away at the corner for years now what a few days and some strong guys can accomplish.

Tuesday I was lucky enough to spend the day at Education week. It has been a few years since I have been able to go. Since I could only go for the one day I was there from the moment it opened at 9 till it closed at 9:30 going to every class I could. It was amazing, tiring and full of great ideas. Kids were with Meredith during the day and Jeremy at night and they all had a great time without me. Biggest idea I have been trying to implement since is the idea of finishing ie. finish getting dressed in the morning involves putting your PJs away, finishing eating dinner means putting your dishes in the dishwasher and all those other things that we all so conveniently forget to do.

Wednesday I had church meetings where kids kept coming in to ask "how much longer??" whine, whine. But they eventually went to the greener pastures of the next door neighbors. We went over for Taylor's new class's open house. He has a really unusual teacher this year but she is full of energy, and ideas and is highly committed. The evening we spent at Jason and Kelly's for Kayla's birthday party.

For the first day of school on Thursday our kids were up, dressed and panting at the bit to go. They asked Jeremy to give them blessings before they left and after Spencer and Allison went Robyn hopped right up for her turn. Same with pictures, she just wants to be part of the gang. Kids all loved their first day and came home happy and excited. The eagerness and excitement that goes along with their first days is almost painful to watch but just makes you smile with their enthusiasm.

Friday I met two of my friends, Kate and Allison at Kneaders for french toast, to celebrate kids being gone and to plan out Kate's baby shower. It was a great morning as we visted from breakfast time till lunch was being served while Robyn and Tally (Allison's girl) wolfed down cinnamon rolls then literally ran laps around the restaurant. I am sure the other patrons were glad for the free entertainment.

With kids being back in school I am exited at life calming down at least to the point that I can caught up on housework and everything else. I tackled my very full inbox this week and kids were amazed by my stack of paperwork. Spencer who was anxious to take over the computer couldn't believe that I had that much work to do. When I told him exactly! he wasn't too amused but he got the point.

Jeremy was able to do two photo things this week. Thursday night he went to an inspirational event up in SLC that uses multi-media (think I have those details right) and then Saturday night he spent at a BYU booster event taking pictures. He really enjoys those time outs to enjoy his hobby. Allergies have been up this week making it tough for him.

Robyn starts her dance class this week on Wednesdays. We went to sign her up last week and she had to go in full princess regalia carrying her dress-up suitcase with her just in case they required a multiple outfit presentation. She is very excited. Between that and preschool that starts September 8th twice a week hopefully she will keep busy enough to stay happy. As well this Tuesday we start our temple play group. Two of my friends Brenda and Ruth have kids Robyn's age so we are doing a playgroup every Tuesday where one watches kids and the other two get to go to the temple. Good for everyone!

I am looking forward this week to some more quiet time as we get back into the school schedule. It has been a good summer but it went by fast and busy it seems. Love to you all and Happy Birthday Kathryn,



mrs. timberlake said...

I saw this picture on facebook and later told Dan how cute it was.

Dan asked... "Are you sure? When she runs she gets all red and sweaty. Was it a before or after picture?"

Don't you love brothers?