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Sunday, May 27, 2018


Spencer came home for spring break at the beginning of March.  He had received a letter a few days before stating that he was honorably excused from serving a full time mission.  He was bouncing around from staying at school and was figuring out classes and registration, looking at service mission and living at home or using all his savings to buy a car.  Lots of energy, enthusiasm and acceptance but not sure where to put it.  He worked a few days at the outdoor expo Jeremy worked at and ran home one night with Jeremy to meet me at the Stake President's office.  He was handed a white envelope and was so shakey and excited to open it, it was awesome.  He was called to serve up to 24 months at the Church Headquarters Mission leaving May 14th.  He was so excited.  Tough for him to go back to school and focus for the rest of the semester!

While he was it happened to overlap with Rootstec and my parents visiting which worked out perfectly.  Spencer helped my dad rip out the ramp in our garage as he built a platform for us that week in anticipation of our wheelchair lift getting installed.

The lift is awesome and has made is much safer and easier to get Taylor in and out of the house.

Allison had EFY Express with some friends which she enjoyed and resurrected my high school graduation dress from the back of my closet.

Robyn and Allison had way, way too many trip to the dentist this spring and for Allison even to an endodontist.  At the dentist we were laughing because Robyn was so tired out she started snoring - through the whole thing!

Robyn has been registering for junior high and going on tours and meeting with counselors.  It feels all way too grown up for me.  Early one Saturday morning I got to attend her 6th grade film festival.  They rent out a local theater, have the kids drive around in a limo, and then walk the red carpet all dressed up with the paparazzi "parents" cheering them on.  Then we all sit in theaters to watch the mini-movies their different reading groups made.  Jeremy was able to sneak in for Robyn's 10 second movie review and to see the "Oscars" presented at the end.

At the end of February we had our spring break.  We left Taylor in respite and then flew to CA to visit my parents.  My brothers also planned a visit at the same time which meant we were ALL at my parents house.  I can't remember when that last happened.  We played at the beach, ate some ice cream, watched Conference, had a birthday party, dyed Easter eggs and had an Easter egg hunt and hiked through the redwoods.  We just packed in as much fun as possible before my sister and brothers had to return home.  There is something soul-filling and restorative and amazingly joyful with being surrounded by family.

When everyone left we had a few days with just us at my parents.  We went to Santa Cruz to lay on the beach and watch the seals.   We drove with my parents down to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium to spend a day and eat seafood at Phil's fish shack.  We spent a day at Golden Gate Park, looking at the Natural Science Museum and Japanese Gardens, walking everywhere, riding the carousel and having a picnic.  We were tired every night and so grateful for family that made this all possible and the chance we had to spend this time together.