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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Family Visits

We were thrilled to have my brother Daniel and his family visit us from Denver for a week.  When they came they managed to bring with them a freak cold spell for a few days.  But we do not let the fun stop just because its 42 degrees and rainy!  And thankfully after a few days it warmed right back up.  We made s'mores, spent a day at This is The Place Park freezing and loving it, did our annual picnic at an outdoor play at SCERA, went to the children's museum, ate way too much junk food at JCW's, visited BYU, spent a wonderful day at Lagoon, went to the pool, the city concert, the parade and the rodeo.  We packed in as much fun as we could and it was way too short.  Spencer came home every day asking what fun thing he missed while working (Lagoon was a bitter pill to swallow) but he joined us every night.  We just love their family and wish they lived closer.

Because we had a super cold day, swimming lessons were cancelled and Allison got to join us for the children's museum.  She was able to join us for most things as she only teaches till 1p.m.  When we went to Lagoon, she and Jeremy joined us after she got off of work.  Jeremy brave man that he is let her drive the whole way up on the freeway!