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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Snickers, Volleyball, Portraits, Oh My

Snickers the class pet bunny came home with Robyn this weekend.  It means that we have sawdust shavings all over our house and two happy girls who wish their bunny was so cuddly and willing to give kisses.

This week we started to get our groove on handling life.  It helps that every time I turn around someone seems to be doing something kind for our family.  Seriously, it is overwhelming because I just can't say thank you enough and with enough emphasis for the love that is being shown towards us.  There is the saying that it takes a village to raise a child while in our case it is taking a ward, an extended family and a network of friends to carry us through this time of life.

Allison had choir concerts this week.  We split it so Jeremy went to the first concert, I went to the second and Robyn made brownies for all of her choir carpool to pick up and eat after the last concert.  She had a really generous person reach out to her this week and help her out with something that just blew us away.  Truly our kids are learning about the power of love right now.  She is busy practicing along with Robyn so our house if usually ringing with different songs from the Music Man.  Saturday night Spencer had to work but the rest of us had an awesome night out, and of course Kaori, Allison's friend was along for the ride.  I think most pictures should be titled, "Our family...and Kaori".  I am so glad that she has entered Allison's life and they cheer each other on to be even better than they are.  Couldn't have asked for a better friend, except for when her family talks of moving and then we are not happy.  We went to get Kup Bop, a Korean noodle place as Jeremy pointed out that I wasn't being very politically correct to celebrate Chinese New Year's.  BYU volleyball game that they won in super tight sets.  Thanks to Taylor we sat right in the front behind the players and were in the thick of the action.  And then Jeremy took all the girls for ice cream.  Can't ask for a better family outing than that!  One volleyball player gave Taylor a poster and a mini-volleyball.  Taylor gripped that ball and patted it all night long.

 Taylor helping to pick up the girls from practice.  He is doing well.  Struggles between not eating and being constipated and then the opposite where he eats like there is no tomorrow.  He still loves Megan who gives him a massage twice a week.  Jasper got a bark collar today and I have high hopes that his barking every time Megan rings the doorbell are at an end.

Robyn has been busy making movies with her friend.  It involves lots of giggling, script writing and parading around in outlandish costumes.  A few weeks ago she started a drawing class once a week with a friend.  She has loved learning how to hold a sketch pencil correctly and making projects.    And yes she is gorgeous but has huge bags under her eyes as she stays up with the big kids and gets up the earliest so she can have a quiet uninterrupted bath every morning and her hair will air dry by school time.   We are working on that!

Spencer is struggling with senioritis and just wants to be done with homework already - especially Chemistry.  Most nights you just hear this mutter, grumble sound coming from the dining room.  Saturday I got to take him to lunch and then the archery range which was fun just to hang out and let him talk my ear off.  We had a Duty to God fireside last week and I am hoping it was good kick in the tush for him to get his priests section done when he got his Deacon and Teacher recognitions.

Student teaching is going well.  It really is a lot of fun to do all the teaching part and leave the administrative stuff to the teacher.  I had a district training for a few hours this week and it reminded me that its time to start applying for jobs for next year.  Hard to believe that its here already.  Some big decisions to make!  I had my group of Orem friends meet me for dinner Friday night.  Good food, good friends, lots of laughs and hugs.  There is something really comforting about being with people who have known you for 18 years and where we all have shared our life stories.  And then I got to meet two more friends Saturday for a run.  I am surrounded by some pretty amazing people.