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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Colds, Clear Creek and Homework

We got to go enjoy a lovely dinner at Jason and Kelly's for labor day and ooh and aww over their new patio and furniture.  We really are lucky to have family that lives so close.

The girls started Center Stage and are doing a tap class to help get prepared for performing Singing in the Rain this spring.  Allison has been excited to go with the older group this last weekend for a trip to Tuachan and St. George.  They saw Peter Pan (she was not impressed), Hunchback of Notre Dame (she absolutely loved it), tour the backstage, do a workshop and play around a lot with friends.  She came home during church today, popped over to help teach Primary and then has been in her bed recovering ever since!  I had parent teacher conference for her this week as well and she is doing awesome but is super quiet is what I heard.

Spencer has been pretty overwhelmed with school lately.  He took the ACT again last Saturday and hopes that he did better this time.  I met with his teachers at parent teacher conference and they all say that he is doing great and that he needs to worry less.  We also met with his counselor to go over college applications and scholarships and graduation etc.  Seems way too close.  On the fun side rec volleyball started up again with one of his favorite coaches so he has practices and games again.  Good thing as stress is his middle name lately.  Still working the grill at Chubby's at least once a week.  And he started back up with guitar lessons which he enjoys.

While Spencer was stressing out at the ACT, we took Taylor to respite and Jeremy, the girls and me got to go play up at a reservoir for the day with the company he went to Barcelona with.  The girls are convinced they now need a wave runner and are amazed at how much beer people can drink.
I thought Robyn was tall but one girl blew her away!

Last week a cold hit Allison and made her week pretty miserable.  This week she shared with me which meant I slept as much as possible and was pretty miserable company for everyone.  But the show must go on!  So I got to go with Robyn to Clear Creek for 2 days.  Its a 5th grade camp our school district does and has been doing since 1950.  We bus down there, stay in bunk houses, eat in the mess hall and enjoy all the activities of a bunch of girls with some crazy and super enthusiastic 5th grade teachers.  We had a great time even with lots of rain and thunder making life a little wetter than we had hoped.  Just meant our campfire ended up being moved into the lunch room where we huddled around a lantern to tell stories and sing songs by.  We did skits, a ropes course, learned new dances, played games, did a hike, watched a movie, pulled cotton and just had a good time together.  With my cold and little sleep I came home a little fried and was very grateful for Jeremy holding everything together!
One of 3 classes - Robyn is rocking the hat

School has been going full steam ahead for me.  I am loving working in an elementary class every day this semester. Turned in my student teaching application so the end is coming up!

Jeremy has been enjoying his motorcycle.  Sold the quad and replaced it with his new toy.  He took Robyn out to camp this weekend with his brother Jason for a 50/20 hike.  Lots of fun, little sleep.  But he came home to go on a bike ride with me and later dinner and a movie - all of which was sorely needed.  He has been busy with work and projects and fixing all the things around here that break.

Taylor is doing well.  Seems happy and is lifting his head up most of the time and responding to people more.  Amazing what happens if you start to poop more!  He has a pressure sore on his ankles so he is enjoying showing off his cool socks lately and avoiding his braces.  We reupholstered part of his eating chair this last week.  It made us realize how bad the rest of it looks now so we might need to work on that.