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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Back to Reality

Coming home from vacation is always a little rough, despite our kids voting unanimously to stop at Beaver Tacos which we all decided is the highlight of driving home.  Jeremy however made it a lot easier by arranging a surprise for our 22nd anniversary as I walked through the door.  He had our neighbor put in wood flooring in our dining room while we were gone.  We had decided to go that route a month ago and I had been waiting for a quote.  Jeremy figured out along with our kids how to have it all done while we were gone.  It looks gorgeous and once everything is back together I will post photos.  I can't believe that all happened without me ever having a clue about it.  It was an amazing present.

We picked up Taylor from respite and Jasper between us and Taylor was just giddy.  Taylor did not do so well while we were gone but I think he would have done worse on the beach.  He just won't eat right now and is super thin.  But he seems happier this last week and we are just forcing calories in him.

We went over to Jason and Kelly's for dinner and to meet their new puppy on Sunday and brought back with us two cousins.  Robyn just couldn't bear the thought of being cousinless after being so blessed for a week in California.  And they were all good sports about me needing to do mammoth piles of laundry and grocery shopping.  While we were gone Robyn's fake mermaid tail arrived so we spent the evening at the pool trying it out.

I had spent a bunch of the drive to and from California studying for my math test and that is all I did most of the time this week.  It is ridiculous how much I needed to relearn.  But Thursday I finally passed my test so I could get into the math class I needed.  I think Robyn was as excited as I was when she realized I wouldn't be spending hours studying math during the day anymore!  And I of course had to stop on my way to home to get my celebratory brownie. 

Girls have had piano camp this week where they go in for an hour a day with a group of students to work on theory.  Spencer and I did his back to school shopping and doctors visit which mainly involved getting a planner and a mammoth mexican meat sandwich.

Allison had her last dance class and did a little recital at the end to show off all they have learned.  We had a ward pool party one night and one morning I was able to get up early to meet a friend for a long bike ride.  We are trying to soak up the last bit of summer.  The highlight for Robyn was that her friend Kelly was visiting from Connecticut and came down to spend two days with her.

On Friday night Jeremy and I celebrated our anniversary by going up to Sundance for a picnic and to see The Music Man.  Froze and had a great time up in the mountains together.  Hard to believe how far we have come in 22 years!