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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Timp, swimming & Teeth

This week the girls finally, finally, finally found swimsuits that fit.  I love running errands with my girls but I was done looking at swimsuits!  We tried to get all errands done Monday because Tuesday was Taylor's day.

Taylor checked into the hospital for the day to have a root canal on his front tooth that he killed last year done, five cavities fixed, teeth deep cleaned and 3 wisdom teeth removed.  One tooth did not want to come out which meant some bone had to come out too.  He was not happy and is slowly eating and drinking again and its a very slow process.  Worst part is that for the first day you couldn't pack his mouth with gauze like Spencer did so blood just poured out of his mouth.  And he couldn't be on all the anti-swelling pills like Spencer because it reduces clotting.  So chipmunk cheeks!  I tried squeezing his cheeks the second day to get him to open up for pain pills and his mouth just started bleeding again so I decided that wasn't a good idea.

He stayed home cozy in his beanbag for the week with me trying to get him to drink every few hours.  Kids watched him for a few hours Wednesday and Thursday morning while I did my last days of work.  And then Friday Jeremy and Allison took special care of Taylor while I got to hike Mount Timpanogous with my friend Monica.  20 miles in 9 hours, 20 minutes.  It was a gorgeous, awesome hike.  And no altitude sickness this time thanks to lots of water and Tylenol.  Although Monica came prepared with some anti-nausea pills as did I in case I started loosing it all over her shoes again.  We even saw lots of mountain goats that walked the trail with us.  Come home tired and happy to girls ready to get snow cones and a family anxious for dinner and grocery shopping.  Thankfully Jeremy did the weekly grocery trip with me so I could take it easy!

3 hours in I found the only "toilet" on the trail.  Has the best view for a latrine I have ever seen.  For some reason it just made me laugh.

Wildflowers were everywhere and super gorgeous.

But the last mile is above the timberline and is up pretty high.  That highest peak in the distance is the end where they have erected a little shack so you know you are on top.

Robyn had her last swim meet on Saturday.  Jeremy was gone for the day shooting but Spencer brought Allison over to watch the last event.  Allison cheered Robyn on (Spencer had to leave for work) and Robyn swam the hardest I have ever seen her.  Think it hit Allison what an influence she has as it was very obvious Robyn was trying to impress her.  I was a timer for the meet so Robyn sat with Taylor by the bullpen to make sure she could hear when her events were up.  This super nice family watched out for Taylor and moved him to the shade as the sun came up.  I was grateful for people who are kind.

Saturday night Jeremy and I got to do a bike ride and dinner with friends.  There is something about flying down Provo canyon in the evening that just puts a smile on my face.  Plus an enormous snow cone after that I had to eat all by myself while Jeremy watched.  He has much more will power than I do!

This week I took the math placement exam again and didn't pass.  I was quite mad at myself and at the test!  I can take it once more in August so I am still studying hard on it.  Jeremy continues to get thinner and has had a bunch of photo shoots this week.  He is really good about taking Allison as an assistant whenever he can.  Spencer has been working a bunch which I am grateful for.