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Sunday, June 5, 2016

First week of Summer

Memorial Day morning we checked Taylor into respite and I took the 3 kids plus Allison's friend Kaori for a Utah State road trip.  Jeremy sadly had to stay home and work after being gone for a week.  We missed him.  For our trip, we ate an enormous, delicious late lunch at Angie's in Logan:

And then we hiked the Wind Caves tunnel where you could see all of beautiful Cache Valley:

Luckily I now have Angel's Landing in my back pocket to break out when Robyn keeps saying she can't do 2 miles uphill...there was a bit of whining.  For some reason all the whining disappeared when we were walking downhill!

Then since Pepperidge was closed we went to play in the pool, drink hot chocolate and eat PB and chocolate chip sandwiches and stay up late watching Disney shows.  My kids have certain qualifications for hotels: a pool, cable and free breakfasts:

Then we were off to Utah State to walk up Old Main Hill (Robyn thought it was Old Man hill - she said she guess the name was because you felt like an Old Man when you got to the top).

The tour was very cool and we were there for over 5 hours walking around the campus, seeing the dorms, eating lunch, meeting with an academic advisor and of course getting Aggie ice cream:

Then we visited Willow Park zoo, a really tiny, very cool zoo.  There was a goat that was convinced Spencer couldn't stop scratching him.  Allison loved their "pet rock" collection.

Spencer and Allison both really liked USU and it helped them to see what was required of them in high school and what classes they would take there etc.  I think USU is now the top of Spencer's college list, we will see if it stays there.

Then we drove up to Pepperidge Farm outlet to stock up on goldfish and for kids to buy a bag of cookie each.  And we hit up Maddox on our way home.  And yes I know food seemed to be the theme of this trip and we have been eating salads ever since!

We came home to enjoy summer.  Robyn started swim team and has been up early, ready to go every morning.

We got to spend one afternoon at the pool with Kelly and cousins splashing around.  A heat wave came this week so the days have been in the 90s and the switch has made the pool feel really good.  One morning I got to stay for swim team and swim laps.  I forgot how much I like swimming but also how tired and out of shape swim wise I am!

One night I was able to go with my friend Brenda as her son took out his endowments.  What an amazing experience to see a young man I have known since he was 6 go through the temple.  Helped me remember what is important in life.  The next evening Spencer, Allison and I got to go do baptisms together.  Spencer loves the family appointments - zero wait time.  I think they must put the nicest temple workers in the baptistry just to build up our kids.

On Friday I got to go with Allison and the 4th year girls on a backpacking trip.  Allison is a 3rd year but since I am going she got to go and she was very excited.  It was a pretty short hike only a mile but it was uphill and super hot!  Allison slept in hammocks which she thought were great.  Since I carried up a tent and tarp in my backpack I thought the hammocks looked pretty nice too.  She said it was a great nights sleep.  I wish I could have filmed the process of them setting up these hammocks and getting it.  It was pretty fun to watch.  We hiked around, had devotionals, cooked our meals and had a great time hanging out.

Everyone is starting to embrace summer with the usual complaints of doing jobs, having to get up and not sleep till noon and the usual transition to a summer schedule.  Last night we got to go to a neighborhood BBQ and it reminded me of how blessed our family is to be surrounded by people who care for us and our kids.  Kayla, my niece spent the night with us and Robyn and her enjoyed staying up building forts all night.

Jeremy has been working hard and taking care of kids while I have had to be gone.  Saturday he took Robyn and Taylor to the city breakfast/hike - minus the hiking part because of Taylor.  Then he went off to take photos and play with the police academy's class at the shooting range.  This week he gets to be a citizen on a use of force committee which he thinks will be really interesting.