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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Birthday Buddies

My beautiful Robyn with her awesome morning hair turned double digits!  Hard to believe this is my baby.  She was scheduled to be born on my birthday but after 3 weeks of bed rest she needed to come out.  Amazing to think that they wrote failure to thrive on her chart at 2 weeks!  Now she is a force of nature.  She celebrated her actual birthday by having waffles in bed, taking muffin tops to her class, making her favorite non-nacho meal of BLTs and going to 2!! activity days as the 9 year old group met at 6 and the 10 year old group met at 7.  She thought it was great.  A few days later we went to get her birthday present, a bike.  The one she wanted seems way to big but she is determined to make it work and eat her veggies and grow into it.

She had a great birthday!  Jeremy has been fighting off a bad cold for the last two weeks.  So they waited till he wasn't coughing so bad to do their daddy/daughter meal for her birthday.  She almost always picks Costa Vida.  All the excitement wore Robyn out so she spent a day sick in bed and had to sleep a bunch and then bounced right back.  Jasper is our family nurse.

For Christmas Jason and Kelly and us gave each other a dinner out.  So we picked a resturant Kelly and I have always wanted to go to and spent a fun evening fonduing.

Spencer started his police academy for teens class and has been really enjoying it and learning a lot.  Jeremy tries to go whenever he can and support it.  Jeremy is looking at being one of the police volunteers who help with community events and fundraising.  He has been looking for something to be involved in, in the community and thinks this would be something he would really enjoy.

This week I met with Spencer and his school counselor to plan out his senior year.  They handed us all the literature on scholarships and applications.  I am not quite ready for this step yet!

We had New Beginning this week which meant I got to write a few words and make a bunch of cupcakes.  Worked out great as we used leftover cupcakes for my birthday!  Jeremy helped me set up a power point presentation to go along with my talk.  I have never done something like that before but I think it helped keep the girls attention.

This week I also started my practicum.  That is where I go to a middle school for an hour and a half every morning to teach literacy.  Talk about the blind leading the blind.  I had my test this week about whether I could pronounce all the sounds in phonics correctly.  It is dang hard as you don't say the sound exactly.  Like for q you say coo. 

For FHE this week we packed up the family and went to a Bill Lepp concert, a storyteller we really like.  Think a very articulate Jeff Foxworthy.  Spencer loves him and it was good to hang out and laugh together.  Allison got to go sing at a BYU basketball game with her choir Saturday night and Robyn had a late movie night with friends.  Seems like the older they get, the less family hanging out time we get, so I try to treasure it and make it happen on week nights if needed.

Sugar free January ended Friday night.  We had Jason and family over for dinner and to hang out.  Jason made molten lava cakes for us, which was a big hit.  Allison had a group of friends from school over for a Friday afternoon into the late evening session of hair styling/gaming/movie watching.  Made for a fun Friday evening.

For my birthday the kids gave me a day of no whining.  Although Allison said when her alarm went off at 7 am on a Saturday she was whining plenty in her head!  But they all got up and put on their church clothes and we went to the Provo temple open house.  It is gorgeous and it was neat to see how they stayed true to the historic nature of the tabernacle.

Afterward we all went to Kneaders for french toast.  Taylor ate more than anyone else.  Lately he has been on an eating streak.  Not sure where it is going.

Spencer went with me to do grocery shopping, Jeremy and I had a funeral to attend and then an adult session of Stake Conference.  It was a great day, reminding me of the many blessings of family and friends I have in my life.  After Stake Conference a few friends were able to come over to visit and eat cupcakes.

Jeremy has been taking photos of our kids with technology: