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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Day Photos

Jeremy takes just too many great photos to include in regular weekly post.  Here is our Christmas morning in detail:

Allison has been asking all year for a mesh garbage can.

Jasper really, really likes his new toy.  After the first night of listening to squeaky noises all night long we now hide it at night time.
Macho got a can of cat food.  He thinks this is how is life should always be.
Allison wanted a giant pillow pet for Christmas.  Don't ask me why.  She has been sleeping and laying on it ever since.
Spencer worked all year to save up for a laptop.  With is money plus Christmas gifts he had enough.  Allison played Santa and made him wait for the very end to open up the laptop he picked out weeks ago.
I asked for this book for Christmas.  I need it in my life!
Robyn spent most summer nights trying to learn how to ride on Allison's ripstick and wishing she had her own.  Now thanks to Grandma and Grandpa...
Have I mentioned all the shoveling?!