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Sunday, November 1, 2015


This week seemed to be full of activites and parties.  Jeremy and Spencer came home Sunday night from their man trip - photos to follow.  Within 5 minutes of returning home Spencer broke our dining room chair by sitting on it at an angle.  How can you be so happy to see your kid and want to strangle him all at the same time!?  They had a great time and Jeremy survived Spencer driving 4 hours on the freeway.  They hiked, biked, threw logs and ate and ate and ate.

Monday was Taylor's school carnival.  They had some talented face painters there which our girls took full advantage of.  I spent the morning getting homework done and then worked on Robyn's costume which I finished ten minutes before we left.

Tuesday was our ward Halloween party.  Allison and I went to her theater Disney trip meeting and only got to come back for the last few minutes of the party.  Spencer was there for the first part and then left for work.  That seems to be how our family activities are lately.  A lot of coming and going!

Friday I got to enjoy all the festivities at our school and Robyn got to enjoy them at hers.  She had made 3 packages of chocolate pudding the night before and carried a big bowl to school ready to make and eat gummy worm graveyards.  Allison had cupcakes she bought at Taylor's carnival.
Friday we worked on our pumpkins before Jeremy and I got to go out to dinner to celebrate a birthday with friends.  This year at school I discovered the use of glitter in pumpkin making and we went a little hog wild.

Saturday I decided I might as well dress as Waldo for the day.  When I got in the car to go watch Spencer's volleyball game, he looked at me and said, "You wonder why I don't want you guys to come to my games...".  Very frustrating game to watch but he had fun and could handle the mistakes happening which as a mom is a huge skill for him.  I spent the day running errands with girls and getting Allison all squared away for her Disney trip.  Spencer had to work Halloween night which he was not excited for.  Allison went out with friends but luckily Robyn's cousin Kayla came over and Robyn, Kayla and I got to enjoy the night together while Jeremy and Taylor handed out treats.

The week seemed to fly by with everything going on and we were all excited for the extra hour of sleep today. There is something about the sun being up in the morning that just seems to make everything easier.

And some more man trip photos: