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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cousins and More Cousins

Last week Allison, Robyn and I got to drive to Colorado to meet our new niece, Madelyn.  Spencer and Jeremy stayed home so they could work and Taylor went into the respite place.  We left Thursday right after work and came back the following Tuesday.  It is so easy traveling with just me and the girls!  And we had a great time visiting, playing and hanging out.

We were able to go a water park, to a drive in, a candy factory, a swim meet, roast hot dogs and take the girls to the pool.  But most of all we got to just play and visit.  Allison is the super babysitter and is so good at being patient and taking care of all the little kids.  I think if she could have she would have brought Daniel and Mimi's baby home with us!  There have been visits where Robyn and Claire haven't been quite in synch as they have grown up and times where they are super good friends and have a great time together.  This time they were in the later stage and it was fun to see them walking around together and playing. 

Robyn has been saving all her money for 11 months and has been waiting to make her one big purchase at the American Girl Doll store in Denver and buy a spa chair.  I know, I know, we have tried to talk her out of it but that was her dream.  So we went while in Denver and they were out of the chair she wanted.  The lady was impressed with Robyn so they came out and made a big deal out of her giving her some freebies and puppets to play with while she waited for her chair to be shipped to her house.  It arrived yesterday and she has been playing with it since.

It was so sad to leave and come home.  I always learn from and admire Daniel and Mimi and the way they parent and have fun with their family.  I always leave inspired to have more fun and more patience with my kids.
Tuesday night we arrived safely back in Utah ( I learned over a scary two hours in Avon pass that we need to replace our brakes - nothing life threatening but it was enough to keep me praying hard for awhile).  Our Hall cousins arrived at our house that night to spend a few days. 

We got to go to seven peaks, Robyn's swim meet and BBQ, and colonial days.  We even got to go to the dentist together which is always a huge undertaking.  Taylor goes in at the end of the month now to be sedated and have some teeth work done.  They are worried he needs a root canal on one of his front teeth that he chipped badly during a seizure.  Robyn gets her retainer glued in this week.  Allison gets some work done at the end of the month and Spencer meets with the wisdom tooth guy this week.  This was a rather painful dentist visit at least to our wallet.

For beehives this week I got to hike with this crazy group of girls

Friday night we did our annual BBQ.  Not as many people were able to come this year but we had fun.  Spencer was working that night so he missed it.  Water balloons, hot dogs, parachutes and sparklers and then watching everyone's fireworks go off around us.  There are some serious pyromaniacs in our neighborhood.

All the cousins and Spencer and Robyn went back to Jason and Kelly's house Friday night to spend the fourth with them for their neighborhood breakfast and bike parade.  Allison went off to a friends house to watch a movie in their backyard till super late.  But she was determined that we were going to the Provo Parade Saturday.  So she and I got up early and went down and had an awesome time cheering away.  And then Allison came home and slept all afternoon.

Jeremy decided to stay home with Taylor and catch up with some work.  Taylor was grateful.

Saturday night we met up with Jason's family and his friends at Thanksgiving Point for a picnic and to hang out for a few hours before the fireworks started.  Allison made her special fourth of July drinks and we had fun just playing games.  Spencer really enjoys bocee ball now.  We will have to do that again.  It was a huge park full of families playing and at night running around with glow sticks.  And then 40 minutes of awesome fireworks with music playing.  The hour long wait in traffic to get out of there we will just forget about.

With so much going on we told kids to sleep in as much as possible today.  Everyone slept the morning away and I think everyone will go to bed again early tonight.  I am done with school now till mid-August.  I went to my last two classes and took a final and turned in my project that Wednesday before I left for Denver.  A friend caught me studying a the library while Robyn was in her library class.  I came home late that night from school and found she had left me a cupcake and an encouraging note.  What a blessing family and friends are in my life!  Happy fourth everyone!