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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Making Glass

On Monday I got to go with this little cutie on a field trip to the Planetarium.  I had arranged to take the day off several weeks ago and we spent from 8 -2 exploring the cool science exhibits, watching shoes and raiding the food court.  I don't think I could be a 3rd grade teacher unless I had a huge supply of chocolate in my desk!

Robyn's life ended up changing a bit this week.  After several months of praying and fasting (the amount of stress and thought I put into some situations is a little ridiculous - comes with being a mom I guess) I decided to enroll Robyn in our neighborhood school for 4th grade.  The school boundary is actually 2 houses away from us but our entire ward goes to Manilla School.  So I had to go through getting permission from the two principals, of the school we were supposed to go to and the school we wanted to go to.  And then because we weren't within boundaries I was told we could be put on the list for 4th grade but we wouldn't know for sure until school started and they saw if there was room.  BUT they did have room right now in the 3rd grade class if we wanted to switch.  And because of school testing this next week it would be best if we switched now.  So it felt right and we all agreed so Robyn starts a new school tomorrow.  We have been at Lincoln for 6 1/2 years and it felt strange to be done with uniforms and teaching art.

Robyn and Allison continue practicing with their play and got fitted for their costumes this week.  Allison gets to be the Pied Piper of the rats for a scene and received her tap shoes this week.  She has been busy tapping away in the garage with squeals of delight.  We tried to tape her but the squeals and tap dancing disappeared every time someone appeared.

Jeremy helped me take Jasper up to get his rabies shot this weekend.  Jeremy and he have quite a report going - Jeremy playing with Jasper has become the kids' after dinner entertainment.

For Christmas, Jason and Kelly gave Jeremy and me a gift card to make some glass flowers at Thanksgiving point.  So Saturday afternoon with Allison in tow we went in for our appointment.  Allison was the only kid who wanted to watch.  Lucky for her, Jeremy decided he wanted to help and take pictures so Allison got to be the main person for his flower.  She was thrilled.  We get to pick them up anytime after tomorrow.  It was a very cool experience to see how glass objects are made and to participate in the process.  While there we looked around at all the stained glass windows they are making for the Rome temple right now.

Since Saturday also included a beehive trip to the temple, cleaning the office, and grocery shopping plus kid stuff - we all collapsed on the couch that night with a movie and ice cream.  Jeremy is the fun person in our house who thinks of things like getting ice cream and is willing to play fetch with Jasper over and over for the kids.

Jeremy and Spencer continue to work on driving.  The gratitude I feel for Jeremy taking on that task cannot be over stated.  Lets leave it at that.  And that the kids think its really funny how I try to go to my happy place when he drives our family around every Saturday.  Deep breathing, closed eyes and prayers are involved.

I am off to read in bed.  Evidently cranky mom made an earlier than usual appearance tonight.