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Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Year - New Project

I seem to have the habit of picking a project to work on at New Year's.  This year I spent the break working on painting our bedroom and bathroom.  Using the kids' shower makes me really appreciate being back to using ours - we have different standards of cleanliness I have decided.  The best part was having to deep clean our room.  The amount of dust and cobwebs that build up is amazing and gross.

Jeremy has been spending the week trying to fight off a cold that will not quit.  Some days are better than others.  On Friday he had a good day and took Spencer to a manly night of Monster Trucks and late night Betos nachos.  Spencer was thrilled for such a testosterone filled night.

The kids all got tickets to the Aquarium in their stocking so I got the chance to take them.  It was super wheelchair friendly and the kids had a great time while it snowed and stormed outside.

We had cousins come spend a few days with us this week now that kids are all better.  We tried to go sledding but only got a few runs in.  We learned that when it is 10 degrees, the sun is behind the mountains and there is a slight wind you need to dress a lot warmer.

We had a movie day on $5 Tuesday.  Spencer, Allison and Jeremy went to see the Hobbit.  Robyn and I went to see Big Hero 6.  Allison even made it a double header as she also went to a movie with a friend.  Suffice it to say that this break we have gotten our fill of TV shows and movie binges.

For New Year's, Allison went with two friends to a friend's cabin for an over night trip.  They played in deep snow and despite lack of sleep and some friend drama had a great time.  I feel bad that I really have no idea on how to parent or advise a teen-age girl.  You think I would be better at it.  We went to classic skating and Allison didn't want to participate so she sat on an bench the whole time watching us.  Not upset or sad, just didn't want to be involved.  Then she comes home and gleefully works on a science project with her friend all afternoon and late into the evening.  She did a project where they measured a person's oxygen levels, temperatures and blood pressure before and after petting a dog.  I didn't think she would find a nursing home that would let her do this but she did.  Glad I bit my tongue as she can always accomplish more than I think is possible.

New Year's at our house involved fondue, Spencer going to a dance, and Robyn trying valiantly to stay awake with her two cousins and running outside at midnight to bang pots and pans.  It also meant the end of sugar in our house for a few weeks.  Although I have currently a daughter making chocolate chip cookies right next to me.  I think this sugar free thing is a solo goal this year - makes me wonder if its truly worth doing!  Especially when the house smells like cookies!

We took one of our rare visits to the vet with Macho.  He had started peeing straight blood all over the place so we knew something was wrong.  Turns out he had a UTI and bladder stones.  The stones will eventually kill him as we are not spending money on surgery but the antibiotics and special food should help clear things up.  Already we are noticing a difference.