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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Last days of School & Sickness

The normal ups, downs and Christmas events have filled our house these last two weeks.

Robyn went in last Monday to get a tooth pulled and to have a frenectomy, where they cut the muscle the grew down between her teeth, pushed it up into her gums and stitched it into place.  Frozen yogurt and ibuprofen were the rest of that day's agenda.  She has little stitches dangling from her mouth now that she is quite proud of and everything has healed up well.  Someone asked me why our kids get so many teeth pulled.  Their adult teeth grow in behind their baby teeth so they never eat away the root of their baby teeth.  Not for all of them, but for a good majority.  It is a little ridiculous.  In two months she goes back to get some more teeth pulled and a retainer glued in to keep her teeth all spaced apart so her adult teeth can move forward into the gaps.

Robyn and Allison had their winter showcase performance for their theater group.  It was really fun to watch.  I am glad we are past the painful performance stage where you have to choose to laugh at the mistakes or prop your eyes open.  Allison especially has really improved a lot this past year.  I love watching her dance and all her expressions.  She had several people come up to her afterwards who didn't know her to tell her what a great job she did as she really stood out.  I was proud of her.

We have been busy making fudge and cookies and pumpkin bread, running around presents to teachers and going to a cookie exchange.  I am sure the sugar high will catch up with us at some point but right now we are enjoying it.  Spencer spaces out pieces of fudge through his nightly homework.  Math done, a piece of fudge, history done, another piece of fudge.  Allison spent several nights making suckers that she and her friend were selling to raise money for an animal shelter.  I spent awhile scraping solidified corn syrup off of our stove.  We have also been breaking out the Christmas stories and videos.  Muppet Christmas Carol and the Grinch were our weekend entertainment.  I don't know if singing Frosty the Snowman and watching the Grinch with hot chocolate is a very spiritual FHE but our kids sure thought it was great.  Jeremy had his company party so we got to enjoy dinner with his co-workers and a fun night out.  And we had half the young women over for a progressive dinner which was a really cool, spiritual night.

Jeremy turned 43 this last week.  He has been busy doing a lot of creative and family shoots these last two weeks.  He has really been experimenting more and trying to take his skills up another notch.  He has been trying to get shoots in during lunch or after kids get to bed and has come up with some great work.  He has been doing a lot of side projects lately which plus the Christmas photo rush has upped his work load considerably.  Great guy that he is though he turned down photographing the Piano Guys so he can take me to dinner Saturday night.

This last week the plague hit our two girls.  A horrible cold, fever, sore throat PLUS throwing up.  They were miserable for a few days there and I got to stay home with them and do soda runs.  I had to go back to work Thursday so Robyn stayed at Jeremy's office with some movies and cough drops and thought it was great.  Allison managed to not throw up her breakfast and her fever was gone so she went back to school full of determination to not miss any more.

Working at the school has been fun with all the Christmas activities and I have been so touched and impressed with how people in the community volunteer their time with kids who are not the easiest.  Choirs came, Santa visited and a dance was held.  Starting in January I am going to have Thursday off which I think will make things much easier.  I have debated whether to stay or quit but I am learning a lot and enjoying it.  So at least through this school year I plan to stay.

Robyn had a few friends over Saturday morning for waffles, Christmas cartoons and some play time.  Forts were made, crafts were created and puppets and dress-ups were strewn over the house.  They had a great time.  On a side note, while playing they let out Robyn's bird.  When we came home from cleaning the office that evening, Robyn walked upstairs to find her bird's remains left in the hall courtesy of Macho, our cat.  Many, many tears.  I was impressed at how she isn't mad at Macho though as she said that is just what a cat will do when a bird is placed in front of it.  Still it was quite a horrific way to have your pet die.