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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Storytelling Festival

Growing up every Labor Day weekend we would go to the beach.  Without fail, we would haul a big red cooler from our far off free parking spot, we would often have to wear a sweat shirt for the periodic sprinkles and icy water and we would have a great time.  We do not have a beach to go to.  So our tradition has become for the last 12 years that the kids and I go to Timpanogous Storytelling Festival and Jeremy spend a day catching up on projects.  Everyone finishes happy and tired.  This year we went to all of the events which we haven't done before.  Allison ducked out Thursday night and the boys ducked out Friday during school but otherwise we were there Thursday night, and Friday and Saturday from 9 am to almost 11.  Its hard to describe the festival.  Sitting around listening to amazing stories, Robyn running off to every puppet show, kids visiting the potters to make a pot or vase each day and constant snack food being passed around.  It is a fun way to spend a few days just hanging out.  And we were able to be joined by my nephew Garion which is always fun.

Kids got into the routine of school this week with earlier bedtimes and homework.  Robyn had a melt down Monday when she realized that doing her homework meant her available play time had gotten much, much smaller.  There were tears and gnashing of teeth.  Spencer learned that we are all happier when he puts ear buds in and listens to music while he just puts his head down and gets his homework done.  Allison is realizing that there is a lot of math that she has to figure out with this new curriculum and that I no longer have the right answers for her.  This week we add in center stage into our schedule.

Taylor is doing better.  He missed school Monday but by Monday evening he was eating again and has been doing well since.  This week he started the process of signing up for social security which just seems very strange and surreal to me.  But then they pointed out the cost of everything once he turns 21 and then I was just fine with it.

Spencer had a court of honor this week where he got two merit badges and some varsity awards.  I am trying to make sure his eagle project is entirely his but I find myself biting my tongue a lot as he tries to remember and doesn't always succeed to get things done with it.  But it is getting there...gradually.

Tonight my room-mate from college Jeannie and her family came over for dinner.  It doesn't feel like it was that long ago and it was wonderful to get to know each other again as adults.  And I had the motivation needed to tackle our yard a bit.