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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Break

This week was spring break for our kids.  Our kids were a little disillusioned by my spring break plans.  We started off with a bang by going to the dentist.  Robyn got fitted for her first retainer about which she is very excited and everyone has plans to go back to pull wonky teeth or get a cavity fixed.  Then we kept the fun going all week with shopping trips to find new jeans (mom, do I really have to try them on, why, ugh, I hate shopping - because Spencer got up one morning and could no longer bend over in his jeans), the girls had a jump rope party where they learned how to do double dutch, we went to the Natural History museum where they just happened to have an exhibit on chocolate...

And because I am me and as Spencer says the serial killer of all funness during Spring Break all the kids deep cleaned their rooms and worked on getting the yard in shape.  Our spring break plans stay a little homey mainly because Allison is in the throes of rehearsals for her play.  So she has practices for 5 hours every afternoon/evening and all day Saturday right now.  She come home giddy with excitement over her play. Spencer and Allison have had a few late nights watching movies and some long afternoons where they wonder what they could possibly do when I turn the TV off.

The highlights of the week though were Robyn flying solo out to California to spend some time with my parents.  She was up bright and early Wednesday and all packed and sitting in the car ready to go.  I felt serious tugs on my heart strings as she rolled her little suitcase through the airport, gave me a wave and was off on the airplane by herself. 
She has been looking forward to this trip for months.  She has been going to China Town, walking the Golden Gate bridge, going to the beach, the San Jose tech museum, watching old movies and eating ice cream. She is in grandchild heaven.  My dad sent me a picture of her new outfit.  When Allison went on her grandparent trip my dad bought her a little Chinese dress.  She would never let Robyn even touch that dress and it is packed away in her memory box.  So of course Robyn had to get one two, but she assured me that she got a different color so Allison won't get mad and think she is copying her.

And our grand finale of the week was having my brother David and his family come stay with us for a few days on their way down to Moab to go jeeping.  They drove some crazy insane hours so they could get here and we were all excited to see them.  Saturday we celebrate JJ's 7th birthday by going out to the waffle truck, practicing our flips at a trampoline place (Griselda talked me into being able to do a flip), and enjoying tacos and cake courtesy of David and Griselda.


The Skeehan Family said...

I love this!!! Way to flipper-do into the ball pit! You are such a daredevil :) I love how happy Robyn looks in her pictures, we got to see her last night in our little facetime call with your parents... and she looks like she is in granddaughter bliss (just like you said) :)

I love how you did projects during spring break. Let's just say the girls did not get all the activities they were envisioning either... but they did get their Aunt Coley, so I think they let all the cleaning/purging and organizing slide ;)

love you!