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Sunday, February 23, 2014


Jeremy took photos at Allison's theater class where the kids could practice facial expressions and he could get stock photos for the church this week.  This photo sums up our Monday night.  For Christmas we gave the kids tickets to a Pentatonix concert in Salt Lake.  We debated not bringing Robyn but we also knew she would be very unhappy to not go.  So we met up with Jason, Kelly and Garion to go to our kids' first rock concert.  We got there two hours before the concert started and saw a line going down a whole city block, and then around another block and then back up again.  We are not their only fans.  I didn't realize it was a standing concert in a big warehouse.  Spencer was fine but our girls struggled to see.  Some nice guy gave us chairs at the back that they stood on and they were much happier.  It was a bit much for Robyn but she loved being there and it was a great concert.

With it being such a late night, going back to school Tuesday was tough on everyone.  The girls went back to sleep for an extra hour in the morning so they could get their happy back.

Taylor was home with a cold this week.  His nose is so rubbed raw from a snotty nose that it bleeds if you touch it.  He is doing much better now and went back to school Friday.  Today was a bad seizure day but he is currently hopped up on versed and very happy.  He has been struggling getting his digestive system regulated again so it just throws everything off - either its lakes of poo on the floor or nothing.

With Taylor home it was a good excuse to tackle some home to-dos.  I finally got the garage cleaned up a bit so you can see the workbench again and we found many treasures there.  And I finished up pillows for our basement.  I thought I had made so many but when they are spread out it looks like I need to make some more.

Other events this week was helping with our ward's Blue and Gold Dinner, Spencer making breakfast over a backpacking stove and learning that powdered eggs cooked in a ziplock are not that great, Allison and Robyn had a Lincoln celebration that they decorated cakes for, and all the other odds and ends.  Spencer continues with volleyball with Jeremy wincing as Spencer is over eager to learn and trying so hard which leads to some smack your head moments.

And on the sad side, tomorrow I am taking Rocky our dog to the vet to be put down.  He has lost control of his bladder now too and is just struggling.  Although he will eat a bit now he looks like a skeleton.  Kids are sad but despite lots of showers he is so gross and pathetic looking right now it feels cruel to keep him alive any longer.  Jeremy is stressing that just because we are going from 9 to 8 pets we do not need to get another dog to bring that number up!