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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer hits

This week was a slap in the face of summer.  Kids activities all started and I learned yet again that I need to pace myself a bit with all the kids home.  Robyn asked me at the end of the week where my smile had gone.  Not a good sign.  Kids and I are starting to learn that not every moment needs to be filled with activities and that Mom needs to go to bed and have some quiet time every night.

We came home from California to a beautiful new floor.

We have been reinstalling furniture, caulking and painting baseboards, getting our carpet edge stretched and retacked etc this week.  The few places where I took off the baseboards needs to be replaced so there are a few torn up surfaces left to fix.  But we are pretty much back together now with our house.

The girls' started swim team this week.  Allison starts at 6:45 and swims for an hour and a half and Robyn is at 8:15 and goes for an hour.  The first day when they told Robyn to hop in and do a 100 for a warm-up she just had big eyes and slowly got in.  This is the girl who cried last year when told to swim across the deep end by herself.  But both girls are loving it.  I smile every time I see them in their team suits and swim caps swimming away.

We sort of overdid it swim wise this week.  We went to the pool one afternoon, a neighbor's pool one afternoon and to the waterpark one day.  By Thursday my girls' skin was raw.  So we are learning about showering right away, using lotion and not spending every moment in the water.

Spencer is doing cross fit three times a week and then tennis lessons two times a week.  I am trying to convince him that showering mid-day wouldn't be a bad thing.  He loves all the activity though.  This week he is off on his high adventure to southern Utah about which he is very excited.

Saturday morning the three kids and I went to the city hike.  They do breakfast, games and then do more games along the trail as you hike to the water fall.  It is a great activity.
Mostly this week was relearning our summer pace.  I remembered after a trip to Costco with kids how much longer everything takes when we all go together, and how much more patience and humor I need.
I also remembered how vital dates are!  Saturday night Jeremy and I got to go to the temple, go out for yummy Indian food and to check out my new favorite dessert place.  Just having some non-kid time was wonderful.  I love having my kids around but now that Spencer is older there is very little non-kid time in our lives right now.  He goes to bed often after I do!