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Sunday, January 27, 2013


This week my parents arrived for a visit.  The beginning of the week we moped around waiting for them to arrive.  Monday we spent with sick boys coughing up a lung and lying comatose on the couch enjoying their day off of school.  Taylor snapped back Tuesday and has been happy and healthy ever since.  Spencer dreading the thought of missing school and falling behind in homework, took himself and his loud cough to school with him all week.  Now he is pretty much back to normal besides the occasional 5 minute coughing fit.

Wednesday I picked up my parents at the airport and we have been enjoying visiting ever since.  Thursday we were excited to hear that my brother Daniel and his wife Mimi had their baby boy three weeks early and have been gazing at his little picture on our phones ever since.  Long distance family really stinks sometimes!

Thursday though was a tough day around here.  We had freezing rain.  That means with the inversion it rained above the inversion and turned to ice on the ground.  Kids fell several times getting out to carpool.  I took a step out with Taylor and his wheelchair to the bus guessing that I would do a zig zag path down the drive.  Nope, we slid the whole way down - sideways.  Fervant, instant prayers that we wouldn't fall or slam right into the bus on my part.  Luckily our driveway has a small lip that caught us at the bottom.  Taylor's driver was in tears as she said the driving has never been so bad.  Luckily the roads got salted, the ice melted a bit and life kept going.  Thursday while I was doing Taylor's school, my parents met my kids to eat lunch with them at their school.  The kids said that was the best part of their day.  Allison needed a little boost as she was supposed to go skiing that day with her class but it was cancelled as the roads were too bad.

My mom has been helping me brainstorm how to do curtains in my dining room.  Friday we went fabric shopping and a few other errands and then got to meet Jeremy for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants Milagros.  It was nice to have some adult time and some amazing food.  Really we haven't done much this visit, just enjoyed regular life and being together.

On Saturday Spencer and my mom made pancakes for everyone.  We went and cheered on Allison's basketball game.
Taylor is giving Jeremy a big hug
Then Melissa our great respite worker came to play with Taylor while the rest of us went bowling and out to Kneaders for dinner.  I forgot how fun bowling is with our kids.  And ability and age definitely don't go hand in hand.  And of course on the way out to the car we had to go through my favorite toy store:


The Skeehan Family said...

oh how fun!!! It sounds perfect.

And not having you near is pretty crappy, I have to agree. Things have been a little crazy, but I want to talk to you tomorrow, hopefully we'll get a little visit in. Lots to tell you.

I will say, I did post birth pics just because I knew I was letting everyone down with my slow-ness... hope you enjoy them and know you are missed.

Love you so.