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Monday, June 11, 2012

Back home

This is what Jeremy and I woke up to this morning thanks to Allison:
All made from scratch, without help.  And here is the impressive part.  When I came downstairs, everything was cleaned up and PUT AWAY.  Gold star I tell you.

Saturday was a day of trying to get our life put back in some sort of order.  And my girls had their dance recital.  I realized that I was not very fair to them.  I made them miss the last two classes plus their dress rehearsal so we could play in California and then I drove them to their recital and expected them to do great.  Which they did.  Although they each had a few moments of having to try to remember what they were supposed to do.  Since both girls loved dance but want to try something different next year, this might be my last dance recital.  It was a good one.  And they had their friends come to cheer them on which I thought was extremely thoughtful.  Allison is the one in curls on the right and Robyn is in the middle section.

And of course we had an on call photographer with us:
Robyn was not happy to wait her turn