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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Take it easy

Dear Friends and Family,

Yep the above picture is my foot.  Since it was still hurting and swollen a bit this week plus I couldn't even wiggle my toes I realized I probably broke something.  So I finally went in and yep the 3rd metatarsal is broken and they thought perhaps the 2nd and 4th too but they were still waiting for the radiologist report.  How?  Good question.  Wouldn't be caused by me rolling my feet so somehow I had stressed the ball of my foot and then just took that magic step where it broke straight across.  When I go back in a month for x-rays and hopefully a smaller boot they are talking about doing a bone density test to see if I have brittle bones.  But since there is no history of it my best guess is that its from me trying to run on the balls of my foot more.  So I had to laugh when they said crutches for two weeks would be best with no weight bearing.  But with kids being my legs for me, Taylor in school and Jeremy playing the role of super dad its working so far.  In two weeks if it has stopped hurting I can start walking on my boot which will be wonderful.  Guess I wasn't listening to that voice inside my head telling me to lighten up so God stepped in to make sure.  Really has shown me how my kids aren't used to picking things up as they go and how anal a person I am about doing things.  Does having a sock sit in the middle of the floor for days on end, really a big deal?

The kids are being good sports about it.  Spencer "walked" Taylor from the car to his room for me today.  They loved going to Costco and hopping rides on their little motorized cart.  It has been a good awakening that mom the good fairy can't go around closing doors and picking things up right now.  I just feel very clumsy and slow most of the time and am trying to remember that patience and not chocolate is the answer.  And am surprised at how easily I have fallen into the sleeping in mode.  I swear my body isn't able to function without an extra hour or two of sleep right now.

This week everything seems to have taken much longer than usual.  But we did have a fun day at the Dinosaur Museum.  It turned out to be pirate day so the girls enjoyed looking for the treasure chest and getting their faces painted while we checked out all the exhibits.  We were supposed to go camping this weekend but we didn't think that with Taylor and I being very mobile that that was a good idea.  So we did a stay camp.  We packed up our hot dogs and s'mores and went up the canyon to eat dinner and play games.  Then we came home and Jeremy took the bullet and stayed out in the trailer with the girls. Since Spencer is going to scout camp again this week he stayed in with Taylor and me and air conditioning.

Jeremy had a couple of photography meet ups this week which he enjoyed.  Amazing guy needs it after picking up my slack this week.  We printed out some of our family pictures and are trying to figure out how to hang them up on our wall.  Photos next week.  Had a relief society dinner at our house one night that was really fun.  It was just for the presidents in the stake and it was neat to hear all the things they are doing in their wards.  Even better to do so while eating yummy food and watching Jeremy put a cranky Robyn to bed.

5 days down and 9 more to go on crutches!  love, Heather