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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Would you like your Change?...

Dear Family and Friends,

You know when you start feeling pretty comfortable with your life God has a way of giving you a nudge or a big push to get you back on track?  This week we shook things up a little bit in our household.  Wednesday night our Stake President came over and called Jeremy to be a 2nd counselor in our bishopric and to be ordained as a High Priest.  I swear all the blood drained from Jeremy's face and we were both a little bit shocked.  Jeremy felt completely unworthy in anyway for this calling so I appreciate those who prayed for him not knowing why he needed it this week.  But I am a firm believer in whom the Lord calls, he qualifies so I know Jeremy can do this.  He just know what kind of person he is and who he feels that he should be for this calling.  Always a sobering moment.  My dad flew in yesterday so he could be here today to ordain Jeremy.  We were amazed and touched that he was willing to do that at the last moment.  Jeremy's brother and his family were also able to join us.  I know it meant a lot to Jeremy to have them here.  So a new adventure in church service begins...Next week he conducts!:)

As far as other news this week.  Spencer was gone from Monday through Saturday to scout camp with our old ward.  Jeremy was able to spend the day up there helping out on Tuesday and showing Spencer how the dad can still hit a bulls-eye.  I am just grateful for two scout leaders who are willing to spend a week with 16 smelly rambunctious boys out in the wilderness.  Spencer worked on rifle shooting, archery and environmental science.  He was quite proud that he qualified for the archery merit badge as it was much harder than he thought it would be.  On Friday night we spent the evening with him for the camp fire and to have him show us around.  It was a great experience for him.  I was worried that he would forget to take him pills but he only forgot one morning dose which is pretty good.  He also learned that when you share a tent and meals that you will have lots of messes and that you don't want to be last to breakfast.

Monday we got a surprising call from our Honda dealership.  Seems like used vans are in short supply right now.  So they offered to take our used Odyssey which Jeremy's company leases for us and exchange it for a brand new one if we extended our lease for three years, at the same price.  So we decided to go for it and now have a new van.  I am almost embarrassed to drive it as it has far more bells and whistles than we need.  The girls and I spent some quality time int he dealership waiting area this week to get a car rack put on and to do all the paperwork etc.  Good thing they serve popcorn!

We also got to babysit a bit this week for two of my friends and then for cousins.  Made for a fun week.  Robyn did a last week of swim lessons and was excited to learn how to do actual swim strokes.  She can cruise away now.  Her side breathing involves inhaling half water half air still but she doesn't care.  On Friday we spent the afternoon at the pool and she just had a ball doing cannonballs of the side over and over while Allison hung out with friends and Taylor taught me the fine art of sunbathing in the shallow waters.  This week summer and hot temperatures finally hit Utah so any water activity feels really good.

This week I finally finished our spring to do list on the fridge by painting the trim on the playhouse.  I ripped that page off with a huge smile and tried not to think about the fact that I did two of the things on it and that my parents did all the rest.  Think I will wait a week before I start the summer to do list.

Allison had her last two softball games this week.  She loved playing with her friends but I didn't love attending the games so much.  When they pitch to each other, the games are really slow.  You have to pay attention so you don't miss it when someone actually does hit the ball!  Her catching skills have definitely improved as a result though.  T-Ball still has a few more weeks to go so our nights are not our own yet. 

With all the other weekly activities and chores that crop up this week seemed pretty hopping.  Saturday night we were able to go out to dinner with my dad and tonight we had a friend of Jeremy's over along with his family.  It is nice sometimes to just stop, relax and hang out a bit.  Especially if adult talk is included!  So a busy week but a good one.

Love Heather