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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A catch-up Post

Dear Family and Friends,

Nope we haven't left yet.  2 more days!  This last weekend between stake conference, ward conference follow-up meetings and the super bowl I didn't have a spare moment to blog.  Between Jeremy and I, I think this last weekend qualified for a part time job of church service - it was a little too packed.  So I thought I would do a quick summary of what we have been up to before we are gone for 2 WEEKS.  I still can't believe that.

I have been stocking up on freezer meals and any other household supply we might run out of while we are gone.  We have a literal binder of information sitting on our counter so hopefully we have thought of everything.  I realized that we have 11 neighbors/friends helping out while we are gone.  It is literally a neighborhood service project!  There are two friends who are picking Allison up almost every day from play practice as she has to stay late at school.  She is quite excited about how big her role is becoming in the play.

Allison and I got to have a little mommy/daughter date Saturday.  We went and watched her friends' basketball game, went to a salon and had a red feather hair extension put in her hair and had lunch at Jumba juice.  A very girly date and it was a lot of fun.

Robyn is going to grow up with a testimony of Relief Society as she spent yesterday wearing her little apron and washing dishes for a multi-stake luncheon our stake was hosting.  She was thrilled to be such a good helper with all the older ladies and loved the fact that the kitchen help gets to eat 2 pieces of chocolate cake if they stay happy.

Jeremy has been doing some extra jobs both computer and photo wise.  He had another shoot of the Utah Symphony on Saturday night plus a few corporate jobs that came up.  Add in doing a how-to video on applying Sassy nails and a photo camp planning event and his days have been packed.  I am worried he will start his trip pretty burned out but he can sleep on the long plane ride over.

Spencer's meds have changed around a bit which seems to help.  He sure loves his bean bag from Christmas as he still sleeps in it every night.  He has been picking out all his classes for junior high and today we have a meeting with his counselor.

Taylor is having all his official meetings this week.  Met with his social worker Monday, has his IEP today.  He was sick and stayed home for half of last week and generously shared his cold with me.  Luckily I had lots of leftover birthday cheesecake to tide me over.

love to you all and plan for lots of pictures and stories in 2 weeks time.

Love, Heather


The Skeehan Family said...

I am literally GIDDY with anticipation to hear about all your stories from the past two weeks!!!! I hope you had a FANTASTIC time. You guys deserve nothing less!

Love you :)