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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Party till you drop

Dear Family and Friends,

This is what our backyard looked like Wednesday morning.  I can never remember it snowing before Halloween and kids were thrilled running around to find snow gear.  All those yard projects I have been putting off will now just have to wait.  The snow melted down here by the end of the day but it has stayed cold and often rainy.  Wednesday I ran with my running buddy Jen in the snow and dark and decided with slushy feet that we were done till either the weather improved or it wasn't pitch black in the morning anymore.

This week has been full of Halloween mayhem and then today everyone crashed.  Spencer, Taylor, Allison and I took long Sunday afternoon naps to recover while Jeremy manned Robyn who did not think a happy nappy was a good idea.

Allison was thrilled with her Alice in Wonderland costume that my sister Christina made her.  Robyn was very specific about her Doormouse costume and then ended up wanting to be a princess at the last moment.  Spencer had high emotions about how his Ranger's apprentice costume turned out.  So Spencer and Robyn each had to have some time to calm down and realize that mom's sewing capabilities are limited!

Tuesday night was our ward party with a chili cook-off, pictures, carnival games put on by the youth and a trunk or treat.  Then Wednesday night our neighbors put on a spook alley for all the kids in their basement.  Kids loved having a mummy show him his brains or a fortune teller to predict their future ("candy, I see lots of candy...").  And then Thursday night was Taylor's school carnival full of games, junk food and contests.  Friday was full of everyone having class parties.  I got to bring treats to the girls' classes and help with Spencer's party with my helper Robyn happy to eat any extra doughnuts in the background.  So our kids' got their fill of Halloween festivities.

Saturday Spencer had his first pow-wow at BYU.  He took space exploration and mammal study.  He is excited about all his homework that he needs to do especially building a rocket.  On Saturday was my Halloween half marathon.  It was really fun with 2000 people there.  Most people wore costumes and I was amazed at what people were willing to run in - a nun's habit, a wedding dress, every super hero imaginable, fairies, witches etc.  My personal favorite were the two guys in the UPS uniforms that were a couple of sizes too small or the ladies with the shirts that said "does this shirt make my butt look fast?".  We ran from Aspen grove and Sundance and down the Provo canyon.  Best part was that I was able to do 8:41 minute miles which for me was huge - running downhill is the only reason I was able to go that fast but I will take it.  When we got up the mountain it was 30 degrees but by the end of the race it was 50 degrees which felt great.  Afterward I met Spencer at BYU to eat Navajo Tacos together to celebrate.

For Halloween we ate our blood (marinara sauce), bones (breadsticks) and brains (stuffed pumpkin).  Kids wrapped up warm as it was rainy and stormy outside but candy is a strong motivator.  Spencer met up with our two neighbor boys Grant and Gabe to run around the neighborhood for two hours.  They were really good about checking in every 30 minutes and loved their freedom.  Allison and her friend Andra were shepherded around by Jeremy and my friend Brenda took Robyn and her daughter around in her van.  All kids had a great freezing cold time and carefully picked out their 12 candies to keep, scarfed a bunch and sadly contributed to Jeremy's work treats.

Other odds and ends this week as Halloween occupied most of our time: I was able to go spend a day with my sister-in-law Kelly with Robyn along for entertainment picking out carpet and tile etc for the new house they are building.  Its always fun to spend someone else's money!  And Jeremy has been busy putting together the idea of doing a photo studio co-op in a nearby warehouse.  He is very excited about the idea but it still weighing the logistics of it.

Taylor has had a better week.  He has had 2 bad days but has had a lot of good moments too.

Love to you all, Heather

After eating an orange doughnut!