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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Dear Family and Friends,

The funniest part of my week, just happened. I asked Robyn if she wanted to call and talk to her cousin Claire. She excitedly agreed but while I grabbed the phone she told me to wait just a minute. A minute later she was back on the other side of the counter holding her hand out for the phone. I handed her the phone and with a very impish grin on her face said, "Claire? Claaaiiree, I'm holding my white kitty cat...." as she brings her stuffed cat that she had hurried to get up to her chin. Long distance taunting. So terrible, it was funny.

This week alternated between snow and freezing to shorts and Robyn and Luke treating our hot tub like a personal pool. Often this happened in the same day. Spring in Utah, always a little crazy.

This has been a week were I keep reminding myself of my choices. ie. I chose to plant a large lawn, so its my choice to mow it. I chose a large dog, so its my choice to clean out his poop filled crate when he didn't feel well. I chose to have four kids, so its my choice to do an enormous pile of laundry. I chose to accept all the Relief Society assignments so its my choice to spend the day making handouts. You get the idea.

Jeremy this week took bridal shots for Mimi's sister Coley. They went down for the evening to the Utah State Mental hospital who happens to have amazing orchards and a castle like building. By coincidence a bunch of photographers he knew were also there practicing taking shots. And then tonight he met up for a short class by his friend on posing people which he said he learned a lot at. So is photography schedule is staying as a hobby but full.

Robyn and I were able to help Allison with a class party this week. We got to tell them to run in circles playing musical chairs, hop like frogs etc and then look silly with a parachute. All followed with plenty of cake and ice cream. Allison this week has been experimenting with her hair. Often this results in tears at 7:30 in the morning as its time to leave and with me pulling it into pig tails for her because she thinks it looks "dumb". Cannot believe hair angst is already setting in.

Thursday night was our Stake auxiliary training. All my work this time was before the event as I didn't need to talk this time. So I got to just sit and enjoy - made for a pleasant if late evening. I did my first two a day run this week. I was sort of scoffing at how the training schedule started you at 2 miles in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. Then in the afternoon when my leg muscles were all sore and stiff I realized that its harder than it seems to run twice in one day. I have a month left till the ragnar relay so I am hoping I can get in better shape before then.

On Friday I took Luke, his younger brother Jake and Robyn up to the Children's Museum for the day. They had a great time running around in that mad house. Came home tuckered out asking when we were going again. Luke pointed out that Robyn needs to take him every time because she isn't as lucky as he is because her sister and brother aren't home to play with her.

Friday, Jeremy and Spencer headed off to camp in the snow for their 11 year old camp out. The week was full of excitement as Spencer read what he needed to pack and brought his pack in for inspection and to plan a menu with the other boys. He loves scouts. We learned though that he cannot take his evening pills in the morning. He forgot to take his pills at night with the s'mores and late night stories. He remembered in the morning and took his evening pills which is a much higher dosage than his morning pills. This led to a grumpy, tired Spencer who came home and took a 4 1/2 hour nap. And had to be forced awake causing him to by hyper emotional the rest of the evening till bed time. He does so well most of the time you forget what an influence his medication has. It did make for a very peaceful afternoon around here though.

With Spencer and Jeremy gone, we enjoyed a girls weekend with Taylor in tow. We had Allison's friend Andra come over to make mini-pizzas. Then we met up with Jason's family at an indoor pool to celebrate Brynn's 3rd birthday. Ended with cupcakes and tired girls going to bed later than usual. Taylor was so happy to be back in warm clothes and his warm bed he wouldn't stop chirping. I celebrated my quiet house with a bubble bath, a cup of hot chocolate and finishing a book my friend loaned me. Then at 4 a.m. I had Allison join me after a bad nightmare and ten minutes later Robyn joined me because she peed in her bed (nights in underwear are getting better, we will have 2 or 3 nights in a row without accidents not, so we are sticking it out). As they kicked and snuggled with me till the alarm went off, I was unexpectedly not annoyed but more treasuring this moment of us three girls being all together. That won't last too much longer where they are this little.

Then the alarm went off and we packed up to run a 5k race for Allison's school. Allison and 2 friends "ran" together, finishing 50 minutes later. Getting 2,3,4 places as hand in hand they crossed the finish line. Most 8 year olds weren't brave enough to attempt 3.2 miles. I ran pushing Taylor and Robyn in our trek stroller and realized how much more of a work out that is. Considering the hills, the stops to check on Allison and Robyn I was quite proud of my 32 minutes! Robyn knew just what to do The whole race you heard her high pitched voice yelling "faster Mommy! They are beating us, run faster!" Made the people around us laugh.

To finish off our week Jeremy indulged me in a very girly date. Picnic at the park, trolling the Mac counter for new eyeliner (yes Mimi I love that liquid kind now!) and getting cheesecake.

Love to you all and below you will find a video of Allison playing the piano. She is quite proud of her new song. She and Spencer keep wanting to quit to do a different instrument but I am so enjoying that they are getting good now that I don't want them to stop!

love Heather