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Monday, March 15, 2010

And now for some recent photos

Some recent family photos to go along with Heather's posts. Hope you enjoy :)

The girls enjoying their pizza...on the floor

Midnight's new leash, which she is not fond of

How Spencer enjoy's his pizza :)

A must have accessory for his DS

Little girl arti direction in process

The 3 rock climbing experts about to embark on another conquest

Enjoying some family bonding at the Mayan, which has surprising good food now

A little impromptu floor portrait session with little Sam. Unfortunately it didn't last long and we never found time to do more shots another day. Perhaps over spring break!

And finally, a short video of the traditional "Happy Birthday" & candles for Spencer. Hope I don't get nailed for copyright infringement for putting a video of this online to share with distant family!

I have been putting these misc family photos just in one gallery on my photos site where you can grab the full resolution version of any photos. Videos are going here in this gallery. If it is a specific event, I may make a gallery to group up those photos, but otherwise they are all being put into that gallery.