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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy valentine's

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day. We started off the morning with our traditional waffles, strawberries and whipped cream. Kids went a little nuts with the spray nozzle on the cream but everyone had a smile. Kids have all been making valentine cards, enjoying their parties and candies. Spencer's class voted to forgo their valentines and donate the money to Haiti. But his sisters shared with him so there were no complaints.

It seems like spring has arrived early this year. Most of the snow is melted except for a few patches on the shady side of our yard. Spencer and I had some mother-son bonding time yesterday catching up on all the poop scooping. We don't scoop when there is snow. It was quite a long, smelly process. Kids are running around outside whenever possible enjoying the freedom of grass again. 40-50 degrees doesn't sound warm enough to me to, but kids don't seem to care.

No big events this week, just some little ones. I painted Spencer's room, we babysat a lot, went to some church meetings etc. Jeremy had a few photography events this week to help combat the stress of work. Spencer had a basketball game Saturday where we got to cheer as Spencer made his first game basket EVER and it was from beyond the 3 point line. Macho got in a cat fight that Spencer tried to break up and now knows that's what we use Rocky for. So Macho had a big cut, in the same place, down to the muscle. Jeremy and I being bad pet owners and realizing that is was after normal hours, put on the cone of shame and used superglue. Seems to be working well!

For Jeremy's birthday, I gave him tickets to see Bill Cosby this last Friday. So we went and had an amazing time and then went to grab some cheesecake. It was a great night. Our kids have had a couple of occasions this week to babysit themselves for an hour or so. They are so proud when they put Robyn to bed and "watch her like a hawk" per instructions. I still feel a bit bad doing it but when Jeremy has a photography thing and I have a church meeting, its nice to know that its an option.

Off to cook some steak and potatoes and put valentines chocolates on everyone's plates. I started running this week outside with my new running watch. It tells me how many calories I actually burn. Way too depressing! Think I need to turn that function off. Right now I am at running 2 miles and it feels like a lot. So I am just keeping faith that it will be like last year and I will be up to 12 in a few months.

Love to you all, Heather

Rocky loves his woobie that he got for Christmas. Jeremy found him whimpering the other day because it was stuck behind a chair.

Robyn making her valentines. She got ready for bed SO fast so she could work on them.

Finally finished painting Spencer's room. There were a few tears when the magnet board only works with the super strong magnets and can't hold up anything thicker than a picture. But he likes the look and arrangement so much that he soon decided he could live with it. He still wants a big Y over his desk but we are debating between me painting it, which could be scary, and getting a BYU flag just to mount up.

Friday, Robyn decided that since the sun was shining, it was time for a swim. I took a picture of her swimming and she told me that no, that was not cute enough. This is what she deemed picture worthy:

Jeremy broke out his camera this morning and Robyn was happy to pose for him. The kicker for me was that she got dressed and did her hair for this on her own. You notice she still has a bit of a shiner from running into a counter.

I pointed out to Jeremy that this post was heavily weighted towards pictures of Robyn. He just says its an indicator of who demands the most attention right now!

Robyn's wanted to show off some of her dances, from class and one just made up spur of the moment: