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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Robyn's First Dance Recital

This has been a big month for performances, particularly for the girls. But, for Robyn, this is especially big - her first dance recital. As you can imagine we have been treated to her dance moves for months now in preparation for this performance. Robyn has been very excited, and took getting the performance right very seriously.

Before heading out I convinced her to do an impromptu little photo shoot in our family room. Of course with Robyn that means lots of photos in the hopes of getting a few good ones between all the goofing around. Here are a few from that session:

Shortly after we left for the actual recital. I wondered if Robyn would be nervous, and I think in her way she might have been a bit. But, this is Robyn. She was excited and happy, and very concerned with doing a good job.

You can view more of the photos in this gallery, but here is a video as well of the dance to enjoy: