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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dear Friends and Family,

Let the teenage years begin! We FINALLY got Taylor's swing yesterday. We have been planning to get it for the past couple of years but couldn't find one that we all liked. But we found one that had enough cushions for Taylor and he loves it. It seems like all the kids really like it and have been spending all their free moments out there.

Yesterday evening we had Taylor's annual BBQ. I always mean to take pictures but then get sucked into talking to everyone instead. Jason's family and Lauri were able to come as well as 10 families. So we had a big crowd of kids running around, food everywhere and lots of catching up. Warm weather all day and then chilly breezes as soon as the party started. But everyone toughed it out. Taylor swung, ate a bunch of better than cake and was very happy to have everyone giving him hugs.

Special note to my mom - Happy Mother's Day! I read a quote once that a dad said he wished that he could be the type of dad that when his son grew up he would want to be the kind of dad he was. I am still trying to be like my mom and often failing miserably. But the attempt always makes me a better person. I find myself saying or doing things I remember my mom doing and Jeremy will laugh and point out my "lyndaisms". Lucky for me I think its a great compliment to think I am becoming my mother!

Spencer and Allison set their alarm clocks early this morning to make me breakfast and Jeremy valiantly staved them off till 7:30. All the kids piled into the bed for a half hour of snuggling with Mom and giving me handmade cards and bracelets. Jeremy filled our kitchen with flowers, gave me a year supply (well knowing me, a month) of chocolate and fed all the kids. So life is pretty dang wonderful this morning. Jeremy brought Lauri back to our house this morning and pinned her corsage on. She is going to church with us and spending the day and then tonight Jason's family is joining us for dinner.

Family summary: Spencer had his arm x-rayed Monday. Everything is healing up and he was given the OK to start riding his wave, doing karate and sports again. Its a good thing as that extra energy needs to go somewhere! Does it count as self medicating if you do it with exercise? So life has been much better this week. One more week and the cast comes off! He really doesn't complain abut it but the awkwardness is a little tough to live with.

Allison has spent the week crying or hugging me. Jeremy pointed out that if we ever wanted to know what wailing and gnashing of teeth sounded like - now we know! I really don't think I am being that mean but you sure would think it to hear the sound effects when I say to make a bed or pick up toys. It seems like lately our kids are wearing ear plugs and don't hear us till voices are raised! I guess I need to start whispering more as I am sure our neighbors are starting to wonder what is going on in our house! Friday afternoon she went to a build a bear birthday party and returned with her new friend "spot" a stuffed puppy that is going with her everywhere. Friday evening was an elder's quorum movie night at the church. Spencer brought a friend to sit with him and Allison has Spot all set up next to her on a blanket, popcorn and all. I brought home a bunch of new american girl and the little series of books for her from the library. So her nose has been in a book whenever she isn't playing.

We were able to babysit friends for Robyn twice this week, a friend Raquel on Tuesday and her cousins Kayla and Brynn on Friday. So Robyn was in heaven and wondered why every day couldn't be a friend day. She is still going through multiple outfits and dress ups every day, sometimes crashing for a nap but usually just sleeping in till we wake her up and then having quiet time for 30 minutes (does jumping up and down on your bed, barbies in hand count as quiet time?).

Jeremy has been cleaning the mud off the quad and trailer - massive amounts were deposited over our yard and street. He was excited yesterday that Father's Day came a little earlier than we had anticipated. Someone was returning a natural gas BBQ to Home depot while we were picking up Taylor's swing. They offered it to Jeremy at a good deal so he snatched it up. We still have to get the hook up for it but it will be nice to have a BBQ that actually works. Our old one was thrown around by windstorms so much at our old house that it can barely burn a hot dog now.

Tuesday this week we had our stake auxiliary training for relief society. We toured the bishop's storehouse and did a service project there and had some welfare training. It was really neat and I learned a lot. Rest of the week I seemed to spend just working on projects. Don't know why I was trying so hard to play catch up on yard and house work. Its not like anyone cared that our vegetable beds were still full of weeds last night. I shouldn't get so caught up on my to do list! Robyn and I did go get a truckful of sand Friday and spent the afternoon shoveling. So kids were happy to discover the overflowing sandbox on Saturday and I am sure a bunch is now in our yard. I think I am out of shape with yard work and most days this week I fell into bed so happy to see my pillow! Had some problems with our bank this week and a mistake that was made. Had to spend a long time on hold with different people and it just set my teeth on edge a little bit. Signed up for a half marathon in August so am trying to run outside more now. It always feels so much better than a treadmill. You forget you are pushing it till the next day when your legs are tight. It feels so good though to be outside again with spring finally here and staying here.

Life is good and I am enjoying our family today. happy Mother's Day to you all! Heather