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Sunday, April 26, 2009

It finally happened...

Dear Friends and Family,

Yep, we knew it was only a matter of time. In retrospect I am surprised we made it 10 years. But Monday Spencer flipped off his skateboard (don't worry Mom, none of your ramps were involved!) and landed on his wrist. Once all the screaming and dramatics were over we thought it might just be a bad sprain because it wasn't swollen too badly, he could move it everywhere and didn't complain if we touched it. A little scenario of the boy who cried wolf - hard to believe he was really hurt. Called the doctor and they said give it a day and see how he does. Gave him some tylenol and sent him to bed. The next day it seemed like it was getting better but we wrapped it in an ace bandage and sent him off to school with some more tylenol. Checked on him mid-day and he thought it didn't hurt too badly. But after school Allison ran by and brushed his arm and you would have thought the world was ending. So Jeremy took off work early to do gymnastics duty with the girls and Spencer and I visited the pediatrican and then the radiologist. Turns out he broke the radius vertically and the ulna horizontally. They were all impressed with his pain tolerance. Then they sent us home (never knew a broken bone was such a LONG process). Next day after calls back and forth with the pediatrician (and Spencer impatiently waiting at school, we're such mean parents) we took him to an orthopedic surgeon that afternoon. Decided the bones were in the right position for now so they casted him. It was the season for broken bones as they were out of blue and camo and only had 1 black left. Spencer was thrilled with his cast and has been busy getting signatures ever since. We went and got frosty's to celebrate his cast and Allison's bravery (more to follow on that). We go back in a week for another x-ray to make sure no pins or maniuplation is needed. He warned Spencer that his cast would start to stink no matter what he did. It took an hour the first night to get Spencer in the shower because he was so worried that he would stink at school the next day from the cast getting wet.

So we have had a week of an onery Spencer. Jeremy that first night made a comment about how I would be eating a lot more chocolate the next few weeks. Spencer couldn't figure out why! He really has been good about it although it still bothers him and he gets cranky at his awkwardness and inability to do things. It hit the other day that he couldn't skateboard, run, karate etc for a couple of weeks to prevent falls. That was a real downer for him.

You know how when you run longer than you are used to you get that feeling of pushing your body beyond its normal limits although you know its capable of doing it? This week has felt like that in a emotional/physical sense. Just the feeling like my patience, tolerance and endurance is being called on more than usual. I thought I was just being wimpy about things but Jeremy confirmed to me today that our kids are being a lot more in my face wanting things this week. Not bad, just wanting me to look at them, talk to them, listen to them with full on attention. I think they have some plan where they coordinate their speech/acitvities so there isn't even room to draw a breath before the next one starts. Waiting outside the bathroom tapping their feet or in Robyn's case coming in with her friend while I am in a bath because she can't wait a minute for me to grab a towell. I am working on giving them eye contact and stopping whatever I am doing when they talk in the hopes that when they realize they are getting 100% of my attention it will lessen the need to have it 100% of the time!

Really it was a good week, just full. First part of this week was full of sunshine, last part was full of rain clouds. I think someone dumped a bag of weed seeds in our yard but I get a bucket or two now and then and hope to catch up someday.

On Wednesday Allison had a dentist appointment to fix 2 cavities. It was the first time she has had to have shots and she was extremely nervous. She said a prayer and held my hand tightly, got her nitrous oxide and did great. Then she and Taylor (thankfully a friend kidnapped Robyn for the afternoon) got to watch Spencer get his cast. The ortho did a fake cast on Allison and she spent the rest of the evening putting herself and her friend in bandages. Allison has spent her days playing with friends and devouring a new series called pixie tricks that I picked up for her at the library. On Friday night we made a late dash to Target to buy her some running shoes. Then Saturday morning she and I got up early to do a 5k for her school - her idea! She and her friend walked with a periodic 10 second sprint trying to pretent that I and her friend's mom Monica were not walking behind them. It was the slowest 5k ever - 1 hour and 5 minutes. Picking flowers and talking takes up a lot of time! They had a breakfast afterwards and we won a 3 month membership to American Fork's rec center - they have a pool so our summer is now set! Then the 2 girls since their slow pace hadn't tired them out begged to walk the 2 miles home. So I walked home with them. Took us an HOUR!!! Exercise in slow motion. Halfway home Allison fell and skinned up her knees and elbows so she got a piggy back the rest of the way with the periodic high pitched wail in my ear. She has been very proud that she walked 5 miles in one day. I just try to smile and bite my tongue.

Robyn is getting better at toilet training. She still has that periodic accident but I don't know about till I trace the smell. I find soaked clothes in the corner of her room or a bunch of used wipes in the trash and a rinsed out pair of underwear in the laundry basket. Trying to be helpful! We are putting lots of soap on her hands right now. Late Thursday night I was told I needed to drive for Spencer's field trip Friday. So Robyn and 4 boys piled into our van to drive to Camp Floyd and then a western museum. Robyn had a great time with the boys teasing her. She wore a big headband all day so they would know she was a girl. I don't think I could be an elementary teacher as field trips just get me ready for bed!

Friday night we hosted a dinner group for our ward's activity. Thursday we found out that some dinner groups had fallen apart so we inherited a few more people and then Friday afternoon got another couple. So we had a big party! Ended up with 3 people being assigned to bring desserts so Cafe Rio salads and then a dessert buffet - how can you lose? Our kids didn't think an adult party was too fun but they hid in the basement watching cartoons for us.

Jeremy's EQ meeting Wednesday night kept him up thinking a lot. So Thursday he decided to take a mental health afternoon and clean up his office downstairs. There used to be piles of boxes everywhere in his office and hallway. It is all gone! Either put away, trashed or DI'd. So nice! Saturday night we were both tired out from the week so we ran errands (got Jeremy's new glasses ordered! bought wedding reception presents and took Lauri her jewelry box), got a free Mexican meal off Jeremy's punch card and watched a movie at Jeremy's office. Its true that it doesn't matter what we do, its just being able to be awake and in the same room without kids. Doesn't happen that often these days!

Taylor is doing well. He has been going outside and walking a lot at school and comes home smelling of sunblock and smiling away. Friday he went and walked around Thanksgiving Point gardens and came home to crash and nap. This week on Thursday he is going into the surgical center to have his teeth cleaned the remainder of his baby teeth pulled. I am hoping that it will be a repeat of last time he had general anesthesia where he stopped having seizures for a few months. See how it goes!

Tomorrow we are cleaning out the trailer as next weekend is our first camping trip of the year. Kids are very excited. 5 other families are coming so lots of kids will be there. Think some trailer hopping will be going on .

Love to you all. I am going to go curl up with my new book and some chocolate from my stash.