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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Normal everyday life

Dear Friends and Family,

No huge news on my front this week. Just the normal ups and downs, tears and giggles that seem to fill our family life. Jeremy spent the week working hard and stressed with his big photo camp happening yesterday. Was a huge success and they embarassed him at the end by pulling him up, presenting him with a cheesecake and cheescake factory gift certificate (for his "patient wife") and gave him a huge ovation. They had capped out at selling 275 spots but more got in as friends of the organizers. It was a humongous event to pull all together. To cap it off Jeremy popped his back out again Friday so he is currently laying down on Tylenol with ice packs lining his spine.

Robyn and I went to tour Taylor's new school. I was very impressed at the changes they have made. When Taylor went there in Kindergarten and 1st grade they had quiet time every day for 2 hours after lunch - watching Sesame Street while everyone got cleaned up and diapers changed. Now there are no videos allowed period unless its for a special occasion and even then it can't be longer than 20 minutes. I think they will take really good care of him there. Hopefully his mobility will improve too as it has really gone downhill this last year. At the moment he is zoned out in a patch of sunshine. Hasn't been too chiper this weekend.

Spencer had his non-birthday party year this year. So he and his friend Conner went to Nickelcade (an arcade), climbed trees at a park, went to pizza factory for dinner and came home to try out his science experiment kit gift from Conner. At dinner I ordered a large pizza thinking that this was Spencer who when motivated can eat an adult under the table. But I forgot the power of their strawberry lemonade. 3 huge cups later and a giant breadstick he nibbled on one piece of pizza and was stuffed! Made a great Sunday lunch. Spencer seems to be doing better with his new med dosages (if you don't count this morning). He is on a doughnut kick lately. We bribed our kids to get up early Monday morning to clean the office with the promise of doughnuts. They had their alarms set and were in the car by 7 while we were groaning and rolling out of bed. The power of sugar!

Allison is practicing for her play every day till 5:30. It makes for very long days and high emotions when she is tired and realizes she doesn't have any play time. It seems like a bit much for me but the play starts next week and runs for 4 days. Should be awesome. Monday we had her old friend Maryn over (along with her little sister Marissa for Robyn) for the day as there was no school. They were so happy to just play. And then yesterday she had another friend over from school to play for a few hours. So she still squeezes in some play time, although she doesn't think its enough. Jeremy and her had their eye appointments this week. Allison really needs glasses and he says they will only get worse. I know its a small thing compared to Taylor and Spencer but still it made me quite sad as I remember how much I hated wearing glasses as a kid. And Allison is so cute without them! But she really can't see very much thats far away right now - definitely not the black board. The doctor said for now she shouldn't wear them for reading and close-up work which made Allison feel better. We went and found some purple sparkly metal frames that are almost an octagon in shape. They come in, in 2 weeks. Allison has had many tears on the subject because she will be the only 1st grader with glasses (combined with the fact that she is the only 1st grader who hasn't lost a tooth and you get hysterics). The glasses are really cute though and I hope in 2 weeks she will be used to the idea.

Thanks to my parents' birthday check I got our painting that has been waiting 3 years for a frame - a frame. Looks so nice! Thanks, Mom and Dad. Note to self: Robyn and a frame/art supply store DOES NOT MIX. But when you are motivated you can do crazy things like holding a little 3 year old who wants to play - dressed in a princess dress, boots, hair undone and a wild child look on her face.

Last Sunday afternoon playing playdough. Allison likes to duck out of pictures now, not sure when she got so self-conscious. Any guilt I feel during the week when I get a day with lots of down time evaporates Sundays! Fun but busy.

Today we did "princess" hair for church. Robyn was very upset she couldn't be a Cinderella princess like Robyn but calmed down when I explained that she got to look like Snow White. She ran to do her princess make-up while I did mine and a wet washcloth did not quite get it all. But despite the purple eyebrows that lingered she arrived at church looking extremely cute. I am sure the stake presidency appreciated all the entertainment she provided since we sit in the front row and she decided that she was so pretty she needed to dance throughout sacrament meeting. Came out of nursery sans hair bow and shoes (still can't find those) and was back to her normal cute, messy self.

Robyn helped me Thursday working at Lauri's. We took a bunch of still usable food down to the Food Bank which Robyn thought was very cool. Rest of days were full with house, kids and everything that goes with that. I was a little pumped this week when the Ensign bought a story I had written about Taylor (a sappy one). See if they publish it now. Tonight Jason's family and Lauri are coming over for dinner. Spencer makes it easy - hotdogs, chips and a ginormous chocolate cake with peanut butter/chocolate frosting. A man after my own heart.

Love to you all, Heather


The Skeehan Family said...

I KNEW Jeremy's photcamp would be such a huge success. I selfishly wish I could have been there. Man oh man.

Your painting looks beautiful, makes me think ours needs enclosure too... hmm.. thanks Heather.

So glad Spencer had such a great birthday - sounded like he scored in the presents department too, by the way :)

And tell Allison that glasses make you look smarter, sometimes older and always very cute - especially if they are purple and shiny!!

And thank you for your call... I am planning on calling you back tomorrow when I have oodles of time and a husband around to constrict Claire so I have uninterrupted Heather time :)