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Sunday, November 30, 2008

A happy Thanksgiving to all

Dear Family and Friends,

The holidays are upon us! It was great this year because we were able to have so much family around us and had a lot of time to just relax and hang out. Kids had school Monday and Tuesday and then were off the rest of the week. Spencer had an etiquette feast on Monday to celebrate Thanksgiving. Since he has been trying to push the girl's chairs in for them at meals. The first time he tried to do it Allison was convinced he was trying to get her and was very upset! Allison had her Pilgrim and Indian feast on Tuesday. She borrowed a Pocahontas costume from a friend as her class were the Native Americans (Allison reading over my shoulder just corrected my unpolitically correct use of Indian). Robyn thought it was great to join in with the feast - dressed as a princess of course. She thought it was great that everyone else was in dress up too. Robyn looks put together for a few minutes each morning and then its anyone's guess what she will look like.

Allison was excited to find out that she got the part of a munchkin for the school play. Only one other kid in her class got a part in the play so I guess it was a bigger deal than I thought. Her friend in the other 1st grade class also got a munchkin part. So the two of them have been singing along to the scores they were given and watching The wizard of oz. Favorite part that even Robyn now knows by heart - Ding, dong, the witch is dead (over and over and over!)

This week felt a little slower as after Tuesday gymnastics and karate were out for the holiday. Tuesday night a friend and I went to see Twilight while Jeremy manfully covered the karate runs and bedtime routines. Dreamed of the movie that night and reread the book during the week. The movie was a lot more superficial than the book I thought but still really enjoyed it.

Wednesday the kids and I cleaned, cooked and spent the day playing with friends. The only sour note of the day was that we took Robyn in to be tested for a UTI. She had to get a catheter put in which they had a hard time with. Robyn was such a brave kid that it was a little heartwrenching. She didn't cry the whole time just squeezed my hand really hard at times and would look at me with a trembling chin to say that she was all done. She understood that they were going to kill the bugs in her bum (her words) and she must have been highly motivated to stop the pain. So she is on antibiotics now and is a much happier girl.

Thursday my parents, Jason's family and Lauri all came over. The morning we spent sleeping in and cooking. the afternoon we did our annual hike to the waterfall by us. This year Robyn came for the first time and Allison for the first time made it to the top of the waterfalls. We spent the afternoon talking, watching football, playing with cousins. Jeremy and Jason moved some last furniture over to Lauri's apartment. After stuffing ourselves everyone laughed at our attempts to play Dance Dance Revolution. Garion and Kayla spent the night so kids had a great time.

Friday morning all the cousins were here for half the day. Spencer and Garion were absorbed in either a zoo tycoon game Jeremy set up for them or playing all the wii games Jason brought over. Jeremy snuck out for a while to do Black Friday shopping with Jason and came back with a big poinsetta for me and a new TV for his mom. Friday night Jeremy and I went out to see the new James Bond film - definitely a guy action film! We went to Thanksgiving Point and it was neat to see all the Christmas lights on and then when we were good and cold to go split a huge hamburger at JCWs.

Saturday I got my hair cut in the morning. Then for the afternoon we had cousins over plus the neighbor kids. Jeremy was gone for the afternoon and evening shooting a wedding up at the SLC temple and then the reception after. So it was a fun but hands on afternoon for me. They all helped me set up the Christmas decorations. The resulting chaos and few broken decorations reminded me of the spirit of a family Christmas!

Today we muttered at our tree lights which were half broken. Then we put the lights up anyway and had a great time putting up everyone's ornaments. Jeremy took pictures and made us all hot chocolate to recuperate. We are having turkey soup tonight (thanks Mom!) and the last of the pies. Christmas music is playing. It is the holiday season! Love to you all, Heather

Allison's Thanksgiving feast - complete with princess

We made a little too much pie! Chocolate pecan was our favorite this year.

Every outcrop Spencer would yell for a picture. Any excuse to climb some rocks!

Robyn was a trooper and was running along.

The hiking crew at the beginning of the waterfalls.

Rocky discovered the water and was off.

Robyn picked 2 branches and hung all her ornaments there. We had to do some rearranging when she left the room.

The girls excited to unwrap their ornaments for the year

The finished result