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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back again

Dear Family and Friends,

We just got back from a weekend at Idaho Falls. Lauri came with us and Jason and his family as well as Jonna and her son and boyfriend all met up with us for a Williams family get together. We wore everyone out but had a lot of fun. Spencer was so tried we had to wake him for breakfast, he snored through sacrament meeting, and then was out again most of the way home, walked inside and fell back asleep on the couch. Lauri went into her house, and just decided to lay down on the kitchen floor and sleep as the couch was too far (gave her neighbor a good scare). A sign of a good time I guess. Friday we drove up through some bad traffic after Jeremy got home from work. They were out of cribs so Robyn spent the night being held by me crying every time she realized she wasn't in a crib. Allison kept screaming that Spencer was touching her while Spencer blissfully slept on trying to cuddle with Allison in their bed (a leg lock around her neck, spooning etc). So Saturday we were a little groggy but kids were up early grabbing their swim suits ready to go. (As an aside Robyn was really happy to get in the car Friday and was very concerned that her swimsuit was packed. Halfway there we realized she was talking about going to the beach and she screamed! for a long time when we told her that we weren't going to the beach).

Hotel had a great breakfast and despite several hot chocolate fiascos, kids were fed and in the pool in record time. Then we spent the day with Lauri's brothers, touring cemetaries of her family, visiting and eating a ton at a park all afternoon, visiting some old friends of Lauri and Jim's (Jeremy's dad), seeing the falls and the temple, seeing Ron's restored cars and welding shop and then back to tire kids out with another swim at 10 at night. Kids were out that night without any problems. Jeremy spent the night in the bathroom coughing and sneezing with allergies, being miserable and trying not to keep everyone up.

So a typical family get away. Lots of unplanned stops and delays, more bodily fluids than we wanted, lots of memories, whining, laughing, eating, and having a great time. This morning we went to Lauri's brother's ward for church with everyone excited that we might be a new family - we would double their Primary. Then drove back home just in time for my Relief Society meeting. Funny moment at church. Robyn had to go out to cry for a while (Spencer was snoring, Allison looked catatonic staring blankly ahead) and a ladybug landed in her hand. She thought it was so cute until it left some yellow stuff on her hand upon which she promptly threw it down and stomped on it saying "ladybug pooped" very outraged at the thought.

Jeremy has spent the week being the super husband. It worked out that I had some church thing every day this week which required Jeremy taking on meal time or bed time on his own. He even once gave up his lunch to work from home while Robyn slept and I did our cannery assignment. He even did carpool. He also had a neighbor help him get a treadmill down to the basement and set up (all my excuses are gone now for my extra rolls!). What a man! I am hoping that things calm down with my calling and I am sure they will. I didn't think it would be so much time at first.

Spencer and Allison started school on Monday, Taylor on Tuesday. Spencer and Allison both seem to be loving it although there was some shock at school rules (what do you mean no tv! I shouldn't have to practice the piano, I had school today). Spencer is trying so hard it is almost a little painful to watch but he seems to really like it. He was commenting that math seemed a lot harder at this school and then I found out they bumped him up to the 5th grade class for math. It makes us a little nervous that it will be too hard, but that was one of the big reasons we wanted him at this school. I really like the uniforms, they look so cute and put together when they go to school.

Spencer and Allison both had their gym "recitals" this week at night that Jeremy was able to attend as well. It was really just a class that parents got to watch but they got a medal and were happy to show off. Allison starts her new class tomorrow and is very excited about it. Robyn starts a mom and tot class Wednesday and can't wait. All week she has been asking when Robyn gets to go to school. When I explained about her gymnastics class she ran to get her swimsuit (her leotard she calls it) and put it on and was ready to go right then. She has put the swimsuit on many times since, hopefully she can wait a few more days. Spencer starts martial arts class Tuesday night. I am hoping that it is a good thing and not a bad thing - I can see it going either way.

Robyn got to attend her first birthday party on Tuesday for her cousin Kayla. It was at build a bear and Robyn made a puppy dressed up as a ballerina. She loves it and has been carrying it around, buckling it into a carseat when we go places. We tried to get her to name it but she just thinks it should be called Allison. Robyn helped me take Rocky to the vet Thursday. Rocky was over excited and made me realize how little training I do with him. Robyn thought it was great, all these animals! Robyn has a new routine. We take kids to school and then she grabs a remote and asks for a cartoon, Dora or Bear in the big blue house and tells me to go get sweaty. Its working out for both of us.

Allison has discovered reading. If you can't find her she is hiding somewhere with a Calvin and Hobbes comic book or a Baby blues. At night we'll catch her with her light on surrounded by books. I found out Friday that her reading group is just her and this wiz kid Charles. She has just taken off.

Despite being a bit on edge this weekend Spencer's switch in meds seems to be helping. This weekend reminded us the importance for him of regular sleep house, diet and exercise. It affects all kids but wow does it affect him! But he is handling all the new school stuff really well and that is a lot of stress I think. He had to do a presentation in class and he came up with (practiced in painfully slow repetitions in front of Jeremy and me) and did a presentation on how to make a paper flick gun. Kids thought it was cool and he thought he did a great job. Last year he was unable to have his teacher highlight him at school without a major breakdown.

Taylor's teachers are having a bit of a rough time figuring out how to get Taylor to walk, eat etc. They are trying though and Taylor comes home happy and sleeps all night so something is going right. I want to give them a week or two before I visit to let them get comfortable first.

Well its been a full week again. No work on the basement. I conquered the weeds in the front yard and that was about it. Took Lauri on some errands once. Did my first shift at the wet pack cannery (I am so glad that is not my regular job!) Highlight of my week was reading and finishing the new vampire book. Am going back and reading through the whole series now that I can take my time. First time you read it you just have to know what is going on and miss a lot of details.

Does anyone have a good salsa recipe? Made some this week and Jeremy said it tastes like stewed tomatoes. We have a lot of tomatoes and I can't eat them fast enough! Love to you all and Mom I hope your eyes are doing better. The pain is worst on the 2nd or 3rd day and then a little bit when the contacts come off but then it goes away. Hope you have lots of books on tape!

Love to you all, Heather


Julie said...

Gotta love the ladybug incident, that's a hoot!