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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Some Photos from Jeremy

Once again I thought I would jump on early this morning before Heather's full post and get a few pictures on. I didn't take a ton this week, but one I really liked of Heather and several of Robyn. She is such a cutie the camera just seems to find her.

I've spent the week mainly working and getting some odds and ends done around the house. Saturday had me working early on the sandbox filling it with sand, and having Robyn jump in to play the moment it was done. She spent much of the afternoon enjoying it, so Bill it is much appreciated already.

Heather and I had a pleasant date last night, having some Chinese dinner that I wanted and watching the movie Hancock that Heather was looking to see. Along with walking around the shops at Riverwoods, it was a rejuvenating time together. We enjoy having some alone time every so often.

As always, I'll leave the details to Heather. Hope you all enjoy the photos and like the kids, I'm looking forward to the vacation. Don't stress too much about outfit colors and styles; I'm sure it will all work out and look great. How could it not with a good looking bunch like we are?!


Skeeutopia said...

Jeremy, your pix are soooo beautiful! Especially, Heather. She is looking great - as always - but dang!

I hope when we are in CA you can make me look that good (maybe with some professional make-up and an extensive lighting job and some hefty photoshop work) if I pray enough and stop all vices. Well, I can always dream.

The Skeehan Family said...

Dan just said that is the most beautiful picture he has ever seen of Heather... and I agree... wow. You have one uber-hot wife :) Nice pictures my friend! I love all the ones of Robyn too, especially the blackened out background with the dog... just precious