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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer is here

Dear Friends and Family,

Another beautiful summer day. I am starting to get used to the high 90s and blue skies. Our kids are once again hiding out inside all afternoon and then wanting to stay up late running around outside. For some reason everyone is happy and pleasant in the evenings tempting us to let them keep playing way past their bedtimes. Maybe the kids get along at night on purpose just for that reason!

Jeremy is upstairs with a bad migraine. He just can’t seem to shake this one. He did get to go spend the evening taking pictures up at Saltair, that old resort built on the Great Salt Lake. He went this week to pick up an old nautilus machine from a friend who was getting a new one to put downstairs. We finished painting our exercise room this week so its all set up down there. Our kids keep wanting to go down and lift weights – a scary sight. See if we can get all buff now – theres no excuse anymore. Friday Jeremy took us all to lunch at his bank – they were having a BBQ for all their customers. Kids thought it was great – not a fruit or veggie in sight!

Basement is slowly going. This week they came and put in Jeremy’s desk/shelves in the office. And as I said we painted. Yesterday Jeremy and I went to see Indiana Jones (great, corny movie but can’t help suspect that I liked it simply because of all the good memories wrapped up with the old movies). And then we hit Home Depot to pick out our carpet and a countertop for the bathroom. Now, we just need to find the best price and someone to install it. We even got a bunch of door knobs. So a little bit gets done here and there as it fits around kids and summer. Painting and Robyn does not mix at all, so there is only naptime really.

This last week we went up to see Spencer’s psychiatrist and since he is next to the zoo we spent a couple of hours seeing the animals afterwards. They built a new carousel there that we tried out. They bent over backwards to make it easiest for Taylor, I was very impressed with their thoughtfulness. Spencer’s doctor pointed out that although Spencer has lost weight so now he has only gained 9 pounds since January, he has also grown an inch and a half. So its not as bad as I worried about. His HDL cholesterol level is getting high so we’re keeping an eye on that. He suggested we lower one of his meds to see if he could do without it. After 2 harder than normal days I raised it back up. Jeremy is trying to psyche me up that we need to give it a longer trial period before we say it won’t work. Maybe this week.

Spencer had cub scout camp this week. He had to be at the church at 6:45 to leave. At 3:45 he woke me up. As I groggily patted him and told him to go to bed I realized he truly was all ready, uniform on, tie all curled 9 times and put on, even shoes and socks and hair combed. He went back to his room and did exercises to keep himself awake so he wouldn’t miss the right time. Woke me up again at 5 and then at 6. (Did I mention this was one of the days we lowered his meds! Although I wonder if it was the meds or just all the excitement.) He had a great time and came home at 2 , very dirty and very tired.

We took Spencer and Allison to the Pleasant Grove rodeo this week. It is an awesome event and always packed with thousands of people. I am amazed at what people are willing to risk with their bodies and are able to do through sheer determination. Kid’s favorite part was the middle entertainment where 2 dirt bike riders did huge jumps/flips/superman’s off of a ramp. Lots of junk food, loud music, and cool events – what more could you ask for. Jeremy practiced his camera work until the sun went down and got some good shots.

I went to the dentist and learned I need yet another crown for the tooth that broke last week. So I go in Tuesday to officially have one side of my mouth become completely fake. I need to stop chewing on that side I guess.

Friday night we had cousin pizza night. Allison was Bryn’s babysitter and was full of self-importance as she carefully took care of her. By the end of the night Bryn would run to her with her arms up whenever she wanted something or was sad.

Rest of life was filled with Taylor and Allison going to summer school/reading camp, kid’s gym classes, going grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, going to the library etc keeps us busy. Still seems like we have lots of time to just hang out, the best part of summer, watching kids run around with popsicles.

Love to you all, Heather


Skeeutopia said...

So cute, your girls! It sounds like your summer is a dreamy one! Nothing really fun about fixing up the house, except for seeing the finished project, right? We are in the middle, albeit forced, of the same thing.

The Skeehan Family said...

I absolutely adore the picture of Allison and Robyn!!! Darling darling. And I love how excited Spencer was for scout camp, especially as he was all completely ready for it too!

And seriously, you need new teeth... really... this is getting a little ridiculous! I thought mine were bad! ;)

Oh ps... tell Spencer I'm probably going to get up that early on the day we fly to Pismo because I'm so excited to see you guys!!

Pete said...

Hahaha! It sounds as if you are all having a grand old time. Except for the lack of sleep.
Going to the bank for a BBQ reminds me of when I would go to RC Willy's on their Super Saturdays for free hotdogs. Good times... Can't wait to see you guys in Pismo.