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Sunday, May 25, 2008

One week left to go

Dear Family and Friends,
Another week and a half and Jeremy will be back home. Yeah! We went to clean the office yesterday and Robyn ran in looking for her Dad - was very sad - then she saw his stash of suckers and happiness prevailed again. Jeremy sounds like he is having a really interesting, fun time - mingled with late nights, not enough sleep, and monotony of having alone time in different hotels and on the bus.
After two days of high 90s and sunny weather we have had lots of rain/wind storms and cold weather. Whenever the sun comes out our kids run outside to play. Allison taught Robyn how to ride her tricycle a few weeks ago and Robyn will do endless laps. Whenever they can they have been eating their meals outside. We had the cousins over Friday for pizza and movie night and they had a great time running around outside. Even Raiders of the Lost Ark only caught their attention in spurts when they can push dolls in strollers or engage in mock sword fights. Bryn was having a sad night with an ear infection so we stayed up together watching the movie Becoming Jane - I highly recommend it to all Austin fans out there. Gives a whole new spin to Pride and Prejudice.
We took Lauri shopping this week as she wanted to try out an adult tricycle. It didn't work out for her but it was really neat. I think I will have to get one someday to bike to and from the library etc.
Allison had her last swim lesson this week. She can swim freestyle and backstroke for 15 yards but needs to start working on her strength. Allison and Spencer both have swimming lessons at the public pool in another week. Allison had all her last week of school stuff - a teddy bear picnic - a last day party etc. She had a great week. On the last day of school she went in the morning and Robyn and I went to pick her up. Then we went to get lunch and have our toes painted for a girls day out. Quite fun. Allison was disappointed she didn't get to have the full treatment but I explained that you have to be at least a teenager for that.
Spencer has one more week of school. Last week he had art day, music day, airplane day, movie day and field day - what a tough week - not. He is having a great time with all these special days at school. He continues to be into magic and has now officially learned all the tricks for kids on u-tube. Some of them he has gotten really good at - others you have to have a degree of tolerance for. Allison is the worst at the tolerance part - ie "no the card didn't disappear, its in your other hand - you can't trick me, it's not magic" - followed by a grumpy Spencer stomping away.
I finished up painting the kid's closets and got their rooms put back together. Spencer was so excited to have a clean room again he has been quite particular about putting everything away - see how long that lasts! But the girls rediscovered all their doll stuff now that they are organized. They both have been pushing strollers around and taking care of their dolls. Robyn is usually doing it while wearing high heels, a stethoscope, a tutu and whatever else she digs up in the dress up box.
Sunday is always a tougher day with Jeremy gone but today has been pretty good so far. Perhaps my enforcing quiet time where no one talks to Mom for an hour accounts for my peaceful mood! We even got to church early with everyone ready which is for us a small miracle. Allison did a talk today and after much practice yesterday and during sacrament was able to read the whole thing by herself. She was very proud and did a great job. I got to be in there as I was chorister - what a fun job, who would ever turn that calling down!
Taylor had his 12 year old check up this week. He is actually on the charts now with his weight at 2% which is 68 pounds. The doctor commented on how healthy he is for his condition. He had to get 4 shots but now is set until he is an adult.
Mostly I just have worked on getting our house to seem clean again - getting closets together, doing laundry, disinfecting the bathrooms etc. Robyn's friend taught her how to "paint" with blue toothpaste this week all over her room and the bathroom. Whoever invented blue sparkly toothpaste was not a parent! Got a few more plants in, visited the library, took kids around - all the usual. I did get two nice breaks this week where I went to a relief society conference on organization/kid activities/easy meals that was really good and I even got to go to the temple yesterday morning. So life is good and everyone is happy about a few more days of school till summer.
love to all, Heather